6 Fall Trends To Take Into The Office

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Schoolchildren aren’t the only ones excited to be returning, refreshed from summer vacations, ready for a year of hard work. Office workers have much to be inspired by, especially judging from the fall runways. Many of this year’s hottest trends can be easily incorporated into the stodgiest of office wardrobes, and make you stand out like a star in a sea of drab shirts and pants. Need a little help with translating the runway into the office? We have you covered.

Unexpected Asymmetry

Asymmetry is back! While this style is not for everyone, a nice, crisp white shirt with an asymmetric ruffle adds a little bit of drama to an otherwise ordinary office outfit. Remember the rule of thumb when it comes to adding new elements: less is more. If you are wearing an asymmetric skirt, balance it with a streamlined top, and vice versa. Otherwise you risk looking way off-kilter.

Your Feet Will Thank You

Stilettos are evergreen – they’ll never go out of style, but that doesn’t mean you have to only stick with that particular silhouette all the time. This season’s hot new shape comes in the form of the stacked kitten heel. They are great because they give your feet plenty of support while looking stylish and modern at the same time. We are especially enamored of this cute pink Chanel felt pumps with the quilted heel.

Boring Tights Are Out, Cool Tights Are In

Bold, visually interesting are one of this season’s hottest trends, and one of its most practical, too. Most offices have policies against bare legs, and let’s face it, the colder weather will necessitate coverup. But coverup doesn’t have to mean boring nudes! Look out for bold patterns, interesting textures, and bright, intense hues from stores like Nordstrom, and pair them under knee-length skirts.

50 Shades Of Grey

What, you thought people were actually watching the movie or reading the book for its plot? While the movie and book themselves garnered lackluster reviews, its overwhelming popularity and influence are undeniable, and unshakeable. The movie inspired countless runways full of tasteful suits and skirts in every shade of grey imaginable. It is easily this season’s most translatable trend to the office.

Fringe Everything

As Vogue can attest, fringe is everywhere you look. It’s on skirts, shoes, and purses. The easiest, most affordable way to add a little fringe interest to your wardrobe? Just add a dramatic fringed purse to your everyday office wear. This boho look might not be the most practical to pull off, but it is definitely one of the most eye-catching ones, and will have you standing out from the office crowd.

Longer Hemlines

With fall comes the advent of lengthier hemlines. Mini-skirts are fun and all, but they are not practical, and do not convey a message of professionalism when it comes to the office. This season, sweater and knit dresses reaching mid-calf or to the ankle, and flared skirts reaching below the the knee will bring both professionalism and trendiness to your work wardrobe.


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No matter what you own already, that doesn’t mean that you have the right essentials for this coming fall. There are 5 classic elements what should definitely be in every fashionable lady’s wardrobe and if not – you should start to consider purchasing it. Wanna check what you have and what is missing? Here is that 5 wardrobe classics that are essential for every fall season. Enjoy!

A fall coat is definitely essential for fall because it will keep you warm and dry during windy and rainy days. It all come in a variety of fabric, and a selection of manmade materials. They can be short, long, or mid length, and can be found in differences of styles and fall colors to meet your style sense and taste the best. Also, because the pallet in fall is so earthy, look for something familiar to that. All neutrals are definitely worth a shot, but some bright colors that are visible during fall season can work too. 

A nice and printed material scarf should also be in your wardrobe before cold weather starts to kick in. This essential item can not only finish up your whole look perfectly but also make you warm and protected from the wind. So it is a practical and stylish solution for all fashionistas around. Look for it to be made or knitted from cotton or wool to make it even warmer and cozier to wear. Also, don’t always try to match a color of it with a coat. You might look plain rather than stylish. 

A pair of amazing knee length or shorter boots are also must-have this and every coming fall. These will not only make you warm and cozy but can be a great starting point while styling your whole outfit. They actually work with many different styles and occasions too. So investing in a nice pair of boots is very smart and welcoming. Or you can decide to invest in it little bit less and receive huge discounts of up to 80% off when you shop for stunning women’s clothing at the clearance section with at least one of Kohl’s coupons from here. So prepare for fall with a nice pair of boots and walk bravely during rainy days.

A nice sweater dress is also very welcomed into your fall wardrobe. It is always easy to wear and it makes you warm while not sacrificing fashion. You can always pair it with some fun or bright pantyhose to make more color or dimension and put those little boots I recommended you before. A sweater dress also will be suitable for winter too. So it is a definite item to look for to purchase. Just be sure that sweater dress is right for your body type, just like other dress. 

And finally, a simple but super cozy knit sweater should also be one of the ways how to pamper yourself this fall. It will also work with most of your already owned items and it also make you feel warm during cold fall days. A knit sweater is definitely a true classic what you can wear for work, for school or even for a date. Just know right ways how to mix and match it and play with accessories.


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Top design tips for busy households

Top design tips for busy households

Balancing style and practicality in a busy home can be tricky. If you’ve got kids running riot in your rooms and pets’ mucky paw prints across your floors, show home glamour might seem like a distant dream. However, as long as you bear a few simple tips in mind when you plan your interior, you should be able to create a house that looks and feels great, and that’s easy to maintain. Keep reading for some handy home design hints.

Don’t skimp on storage

Storage is the unsung hero of interior design. When used properly, it blends into the background, but if you don’t include enough of the stuff, the whole look and feel of your rooms can be ruined. Don’t worry if you’re a little short on square footage. There are plenty of space saving solutions to make the most of. Full-height shelves are a great example, as are storage ottomans and divan beds. Even your coffee table can serve as a handy place to store household objects. You can take your pick from a range of designs that feature inbuilt shelves. If you’re not sure which versions to go for, simply take a look at a coffee table buying guide form Tesco.

Think style and practicality when deciding on your décor

When you’re planning your décor, it’s important to consider practicality as well as style. For example, while attractive cream carpets and sofas may seem like a good idea in principle, they can quickly lose their appeal once your family are let loose on them. Try to go for a darker color scheme that won’t show stains as much and select easy-clean materials for your furnishings and flooring. This will help to ensure that your rooms retain their good looks for years to come, rather than a matter of a few short months.

Splash out on standout features

Even if you don’t have a fortune to spend on your property revamp, you can still achieve stunning results by investing in a few standout features. An impressive dining room table, a showstopper bed or a knockout piece of artwork are all great examples. Even a selection of elaborate pendant light fittings can help to elevate the look of your property and give it an injection of glamour.

Creating a flawless family home is certainly a challenge, but by bearing design ideas like these in mind , you should be able to make the very most out of your living space.

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Secrets to a Clutter-free Garden Shed

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Secrets to a Clutter-free Garden Shed

Just like any other part of your home, organizing your outdoor storage deck is also an important task that you need to do every one in a while. A clean shed means that you don’t have to waste your time and energy in searching for that trowel or moving that heavy wheelbarrow.

Keeping your shed clean may seem like a difficult task for most people. Yes, the job requires some effort, but it’s not impossible and expensive. It can also be a really fun experience, especially if you are tired of looking at messy gloves and gardening tools. Follow the simple guidelines below if you want to keep your compact garden shed from Tesco clean and organized.

  1. Wrap the hose in a hook

If you frequently water your plants using a hose, you’ve probably experienced tripping on a tangled hose. To spare you from the pain, wrap your hose on a hook. That way, it’ll be easier to find and you can get it from underfoot. For best results, use a big hook with a steep angle.

  1. Make your tools accessible

Tools with long handles are ideally stored in areas where they are accessible but out of the way at the same time. To keep them organized, you can install a tool hanger in the door of your shed. This will free up the walls and allow you to add shelves or a potting bench.

  1. Invest in cabinets

These cabinets are easy to install and they will surely increase the storage capacity of your shed. With these compartments, you can arrange both small and large gardening tools. Depending on your preference, you can buy an assembled cabinet or just build one yourself. Of course, the latter is the cheaper option.

  1. Use magnets

Magnets aren’t just pretty accessories for your refrigerator. You can also use them to hold metallic tools. With these magnetic bars, your pruning shears or trowels won’t be in the way. The trick here is to pick a magnetic bar that can hold the weight of your tools.

  1. Don’t forget the calendar

Keeping a calendar inside your shed is very useful if you want to keep track of your landscaping activities. No more guessing the exact date when you planted a seed or fertilized your lawn.

  1. Wicker Basket

Hang a wicker basket on the door so that you can easily grab your most used garden tools like shears and gloves.

Can you share other tips for organizing your shed? Join the discussion in the comments!