Vegan Faux Leather Wallet, Nina #lavishy Giveaway

Nina embroidery vegan/ faux leather large wallet

I really love embroidered products and when I saw my new Nina embroidery vegan/ faux leather large wallet, I fell in love with it. It was difficult making a decision of which color I wanted because they all would go with my different handbags, however, I finally selected a blue one because it goes with [read more of this review]

All day energy with Organic Matcha Giveaway

Kiss Me Organics

Brought to you by Kiss Me Organics and Terri’s Little Haven. What’s better than all day energy? Nothing, but I know a few things that are just as good, such as a metabolism boost, increased focus and improved skin health. Where can you get all this? From USDA Organic Matcha. Matcha is a culinary grade [read more of this review]

Easiest ever $50 Amazon GC Giveaway


This giveaway is not sponsored by Amazon. Terri’s Little Haven, Reviewing For You and Style and Fashion Reviews want to reward our faithful readers with a $50 Amazon GC giveaway. Just because we adore each of you and of course we are hoping you will help us build up our email audience. I love Amazon [read more of this review]

Giveaway SunBell: solar lantern, flashlight and phone charger @eartheasy

Product Review 031

Brought to you by and Terri’s Little Haven. I’ve got the power! Solar power that is. Can you think of instances when solar lighting would be convenient? How about during power outage? Or in the evening while you are outdoors sitting around the pool? In fact, I wouldn’t even want to take the kids [read more of this review]

KitchenMade™ Stainless Steel #MeasuringCups

KitchenMade™ measuring cups

I love to cook as I’m sure you know if you have been following my blog & reviews for any length of time. Not only do I love to cook, I love quality made products that make my life easier in the kitchen. I have been reviewing a set of KitchenMade™ Stainless Steel measuring cups [read more of this review]

WEDGEES, The only wedgee I’d ever want


Brought to you by WEDGEES and Terri’s Little Haven. ATTN: eyeglass & sunglass wearers. “Everyone needs WEDGEES.” I have to confess I took that saying off of the package of my WEDGEES but after trying this product, I have to agree. Before I go on and on bragging about WEDGEES, I’m sure you want to [read more of this review]

Safeskin team apparel sponsorship on #SafeskinSports

Safeskin team apparel sponsorship on

Sponsored by Global Influence for Safeskin Pear. Although I received compensation for this post, all opinions are 100% mine. While growing up, my papa was a coach for softball and baseball which started my love of sports. I’m not athletic by nature so it only took one game for me to realize that softball was [read more of this review]

Immortal Calm – I’m a survivor

immortal calm, stress relief formula

Brought to you by Immortal Herbs and Terri’s Little Haven. If ever I needed to remain calm, it was this week. The kids were at church camp all last week and as is usual for them, they came home on the last day, cranky, tired, whiny, and just downright ornery. They love going to camp [read more of this review]

Little Sun Solar Lantern great for camping Giveaway @Eartheasy

Little Sun

Brought to you by Earth Easy and Terri’s Little Haven. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have electricity, and those of us who do have had instances where our power was out. At my last resident, every time it “thought” about raining, our electricity would go out. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but it seemed [read more of this review]

Love affair with Alpha Hydrox Foaming Face Wash Giveaway #Alphahydrox

alpha hydrox

I’ll never forget the night I met the man of my dreams. Well, he could have been. I had just finished showering and put on my “granny” jammies when I heard a knock at my door. I opened the door and there he stood. The most gorgeous man I had ever seen. He had the [read more of this review]