Southern Style Chicken And Rice

Southern Style Chicken And Rice

I searched and scoured the world wide web for a mock recipe of Cracker Barrel’s “Chicken and Rice” Recipe. I only found one and I didn’t want to use all of that soup in mine, so I called my daughter and asked her what she puts in hers (hers taste similar to Cracker Barrels). She don’t make hers exactly like Cracker Barrel but here is the recipe she gave me.

This was really good and makes up a lot!

Recipe Southern Chicken And Rice
1 large pack of chicken tenderloins
1 jar of home style chicken gravy
1 jar of mushrooms
Rice (I used 1 1/2 cups of cooked rice)

(she leaves out two cans cream of mushrooms soup, 2 cans of cream of chicken soup, rice pilaf, chicken broth, and carrots)

* wasn’t in her recipe but I added it to mine- 1 cup of chicken stock
* wasn’t in her recipe but I added it to mine- Butter as desired, not margarine (butter is a natural food essential to your health – especially when you eat organic). My attempt to rectify this unhealthy meal (I did not use my healthy Beef or Chicken gravy and I made my chicken stock so it was not low fat) ha…

I cooked the rice before adding it although some don’t and cook it as a casserole (I wanted to be sure the rice was done, crunchy rice is not fun at my house or I’ll get the Abby “gwama thes is gwoss”.

I cooked the chicken in a boiler pan so I could make chicken stock, instead of cooking it in the crock pot, then diced it up, my daughter doesn’t cut hers as small but I do because of Abby.

I layered the casserole dish with below in order
rice (1 1/2 cups)
chicken stock (I used one cup)
2 T butter cut up (just to add a little flavor)
Chopped chicken (1 used a large pack of chicken breast tenderloins)
gravy (I used 1 12 oz jar of home style chicken gravy)
Mushrooms (I used 1 4.5 oz jar-drained)

Southern Chicken And Rice

Southern Chicken And Rice

Southern Chicken and Rice

I popped it all in the oven to get good and hot at 350 (with a lid)

Time to eat
You can add what you want to this meal such as cream of chicken and mushroom soup, onions, carrots, peas, etc…

** for more on health benefits of butter click here

I served this with my Puny’s Cornbread recipe and sliced cooked carrots.

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