Yellow armpit stains? Uggg…. Raise Armpit Stain Remover

This giveaway is OVER. Congratulations to Carmen Van Deursen.

Stain RemoverSome people can go their whole lives and never have a yellow armpit stain on their clothes, but not me. The stains are caused by sweating (menopause sux) and the amount of urea in your sweat. Of course urea is more abundant when you tinkle (that’s why tee tee has the yellow tint) but it can sure be a pain in the rear when washing clothes. I found a solution that is perfect for me. HURRAH!

I had the chance to review a product especially for those aggravating yellow pit stains. I didn’t just jump at the chance, I leaped with both feet right into RAISE Armpit Stain Remover. I wasn’t expecting too much considering all of my favorite summer and sweat stained shirts had been washed and stored for the winter and have been sitting months with those horrid stains on them. I mean seriously you can’t expect any product to remove sweat stains from so long ago. Or can you?

Stain Remover

Let’s put it to the test. I got out 3 of my t-shirts and took some photos of them, yellow pit stains and all. Unfortunately my camera and red does not play well together when I’m trying to take close up photos so you can’t really see how bad the stains were (WERE) on the red shirt. You can on the blue and pink so those are the two we will concentrate on.

Stain Remover

The directions on the bottle of RAISE Armpit Stain Remover say to apply to the area, rub together and for tough stains use a small brush. Then let the items sit for 15-30 minutes. Then of course wash the clothes. I had TOUGH yellow armpit stains. I’m surprised I don’t have ring around the collar as well. Anyhow… I’ve had a sick little girl this week. She’s been home from pre-school and you would just have to know how hyperactive she is to understand that I DID NOT HAVE TIME TO BRUSH THE STAINS. I thought, well I’ll put the Raise on, rub it together and let it sit. If it don’t work, I’ll try again with the brush when Abby is feeling better and I’m not running myself ragged trying to keep up with her.

I washed my shirts and threw them in the dryer. When I took them out I could have jumped for joy. THE YELLOW PIT STAINS ARE GONE AND I DIDN’T HAVE TO BRUSH THE AREAS! I think that just about says it all my dears.

I wanted to test this product on our white T-Shirts to see how well it works on manly stains, however I read on the bottle that it does not work after bleach has been used. I use bleach on all of our white laundry. It can’t be used on any bleached items as it will make the staining permanent.

There you have it! Now… thanks to my sponsors one of you will win a bottle of this amazing product! Please use the rafflecopter form to enter. If you have any problems or questions let me know.

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For a limited time RAISE Armpit Stain Remover is running a 2 for $20 special on their site

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  1. Thanks so much for participating everyone. I’ll check for the winner asap!!

  2. kim thompson says:

    looking forward to trying this product

  3. Ashley Smith says:

    My armpits too sweat a lot, even in the winter. This cleaner looks really perfect for my shirts. I hope I get this to try it out.

  4. your review looks great and force me to try it

  5. Elkaye says:

    Glad I read this review! Raise stain remover sounds like something I need for several t-shirt I was planning to toss out.

  6. Jeanne says:

    I did not know there was anything on the market for this problem. Thank you for this review and giveaway. :)

  7. Rebecca Loper says:

    Love the Review! I have ruined to many shirts to count with pit stains and would love to try a bottle of this!

  8. Chrissy Marie says:

    I will definitely be looking this up and buying some! Thanks for the great review!

  9. Kristy dumais says:

    Love the review, i need this in my home.

  10. Tammy says:

    I really need something like this. I have had trouble for years with the armpit stains. The review sounds like this product is amazing.

  11. Kristy dumais says:

    I love the review, definitely need to try this on hubby’s shirts.

  12. kajal says:

    looks like an interesting product… def. need one in my home.

  13. a1nettie says:

    This would be a money saver in my house!!!

  14. Jennifer Donohue says:

    My husbands shirts are HORRIBLE! I would really love to try this stufff out!

  15. paige shuta-wernoch says:

    would love to try this! My daughter’s shirts all have sweat stains and can’t stand it !!!

  16. Kat Meller says:

    I really need to try this – it would save sooooo many shirts from hubby’s on down! Think of the money I could be saving on just dress shirts then add in t-shirts …. possibilities are endless

  17. Carmen Van Deursen says:

    My daughter has this problem with almost all of her light colored tees. Would love to try this product. She uses a lot of deodorant and I think thats the problem. Your review even shows the stains removed from the darker pink shirt which is amazing. I really thought it was a lost cause.

  18. Holly S. says:

    I so have to try this! I have lived with this problem all my life and can never bleach them out. I just thought it was something I’m just going to have to live with. I HAVE to try this. Thanks!

  19. Wow – can you imagine how bad it has to be to use a brush? I never use bleach on my clothes (I have bad allergies to fragrance and chemicals) – I have used Melaleuka in the past and it kept my clothes so white and the colors were beautifully bright. You might consider that. I don’t sell it or anything just know it’s a great product. It’s super concentrated so it lasts forever (a 1/2 gallon lasted me 9 months but I’m single I don’t know how long it would last for a family).

    Great review! Tina

  20. Cheryl Barnett Saves says:

    I so need this. Menopause does suck but so do boys going through puberty. I tried everything to get rid of the stains.

  21. Oh my word! I have been looking for something like this for ages to use on my hubbie’s shirts. Thank you so much for doing the review!! I really hope I win…

  22. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    Your pictures really show how this product works.

  23. Jacqueline Diaz says:

    What a great product I had no idea something like this exists I would love to try it.

  24. Cheryl E says:

    Your really show how well it works! I was completely amazed. Thanks for the thorough review!

    • Cheryl E says:

      Your *review* really shows …

      Guess I shouldn’t comment when I’m tired. :)

  25. Deborah Curran says:

    I would never have believed it if it wasn’t for your pictures – that is amazing

  26. Terry says:

    Oh wow!! That really workes well doesn’t it?