Slap Bracelets 80s

Do you remember the Slap Bracelets of the 80′s? Well I do and they were a big hit during my generation. They have come back, bigger and better than ever in a slap koozie. All you have to do is slap and wrap. We got Abby one for her sippie cups because she was always [read more of this review]

Oliver’s Labels how kids stuff finds it’s way home

Abby is on top of the world after having received all sorts of fun name labels from Oliver’s Labels. The main reason I chose to review Oliver’s Labels is because they are waterproof. I can apply them to Abby’s sippie cups and not worry about them coming off. I can also use them in her [read more of this review]

TEAS’ TEA supporting alleviation of poverty #Giveaway

I recently had a chance to review a couple of bottles of TEAS’ TEA and I was thrilled when they arrived. I also received a nice large and roomy reusable bag to use in place of those horrid plastic bags. I use reusable bags every time I shop. I keep some in my car at [read more of this review]

myubby handmade personalized blankets

I got to make a myubby and I had the most fun with it. When I heard the name I got tickled. I didn’t know what it was but I knew it was something Abby was going to like. A mimi’s intuition. And sure enough when I went to the website and saw that myubby’s [read more of this review]

Zebra Duck Duct Tape You Say?

I received three Duck and Duct Tape products to review from who provides many office supplies that make organizing my life so easy. The Duck and Duct Tape items couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m spring cleaning and I’ve recently become a newly single resident, although long time homeowner, so I really [read more of this review]

ANTIOXIDANT Leave in Protectant

Wow, an ANTIOXIDANT Leave in Protectant for frizz control (Abby) and heat styling (Mimi). Not only am I using this but I’m using this on Abby as well. She has fine thin hair that looks frizzy in between brushing which literally drives me crazy. I hate to follow her around with a brush all of [read more of this review]

How to frame a picture

Have you ever framed your own picture? Until recently I hadn’t. I had a photograph that I’ve been trying to match up to a frame but I couldn’t find the size frame in the style I wanted. I knew I wanted something antique-ish (my new word) but nothing I had found to date jumped out [read more of this review]

Lady Soma Antioxidant Berry Masque

I wish someone would invent a pill that could make us look 20 years younger. I would be the first one standing in line because appearance is important to me. Realistically that won’t happen, at least not in my lifetime, therefore I am always trying new products to find one that best helps stimulate my [read more of this review]

Online Degrees offer Flexibility so you can Work towards a better Future

If you are thinking about your future as a stay-at-home mom, education can really change your outlook. Those who earn a higher degree are able to make twice or even triple their income with only a high school diploma. Degrees also don’t have the same stringent rules as before. The Internet has really revolutionized the [read more of this review]

#Giveaway All Natural Baby Product Line from ecoSTORE USA Also NOTE: ecoSTORE USA Needs Your Help to ‘Get on the Shelf’

I reviewed some products from ecoSTORE USA a little while back and I immediately became a fan of their products. You may remember the mystery surprise giveaway I had on my site in the past. I picked several of my favorite products to purchase and send to the winner from different items I had reviewed [read more of this review]