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If the kids are going to spend time playing computer games I want them to get something out of it. I love games that teach and encourage learning in a fun way. That’s what the Nutcracker does. In all fairness I have to say that my grandson was not overly fond of this game but my grand daughters enthusiasm and love for it more than make up for that (and if you must know I’m trying to wean him away from FarmVille; not that I have anything against him planting a garden, milking cows and collecting eggs. When grandma thinks of music it’s not the FarmVille theme song she wants to hear, you see…) ;).

When we first started playing the Nutcracker, the kids didn’t know any of the tunes to the songs and were getting the musical instruments wrong. It didn’t take them long to start learning and earning magical keys. I would much rather the kids learn while they are playing then to see them waste their time on something useless. We grew up with toys that made us think and use our imagination and I don’t see that often enough in kids toys today. If I was to give the kids a set of blocks for Christmas they would think grandma was nuts and I’m sure they would end up in the bottom of their toy box unused. Sneaking in a learning game makes me feel like I am doing something positive for their little minds.

I personally think this game is a great way to incorporate fun and learning into your child’s life. I don’t think it is the game of choice for every child but it is definitely worth trying. The games and puzzles are are fun for kids that love music and I think they could learn to love music by playing this game. I’m going to continue to encourage my grandson to play this. I don’t have to encourage my grand daughters at all, in fact just the opposite. Sometimes I have to be stern about them playing the game, to get them to come to dinner or to do their homework… lol.

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  1. Katrina Ramey says:

    My 5 year old would love this!!

  2. Renee Travis says:

    My grand daughter who is 5 would love this. She lives near us and comes down to play games on the PC so this would be great for her!

  3. chelsea d says:

    I would give this to my 2 year old nephew. I think he would really like it.

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