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I love making photo books. The first photo book I ever made was of my grand daughter Abby, for her Birthday. That was really a big hit and I’ve been making them since; for gifts and more. The last photo book I made was a cookbook of all of my favorite recipes. I thought that was a neat idea and was something that would be around long after I’ve left this planet.


Today I get to introduce you to Shutterfly Photo Books: The Best Gift Ever. One of the things I really love about Shutterfly is that is saves all of my albums. I get free photo storage with the confidence that Shutterfly never deletes a photo. I can go in to My Shutterfly (members area) and pull up all of my albums and make cards out of the photos, books or get prints from any of the photos I’ve uploaded. There are countless projects I can do with all of my previously made albums. I can even share my albums with anyone I want to so they can make books, cards or whatever from my albums. It’s a really simple site to use and they always have great deals going on. I have not made anything in the stationary products yet but I want to have note pads made in the near future. They would make the cutest gifts.

This is a really short video, please take a minute to watch it.

The printed books are beautiful. I don’t know any other way to describe them. The ink is vivid and the pages are displayed exactly how I want them. I like to include a little caption on my pages and this is included for free. They also include free cations on the back of prints. I’ve always ordered hardcover books and they survive the grand kids looking through them over and over. Photo books are a fun way to show off photos. Leaving them out on the coffee table or laying around the house invites others to share in my special memories.

Two of you will win a Shutterfly 8×8 hardcover photo book so you can share your memories as well. Please see the entry options and good luck to each of you.

This giveaway is for my US and CA readers. You can do any or all of the below entries and leave a separate comment for each thing you do. You can count any extra sharing or any other following methods you do as well. I use a WordPress plugin for comment giveaways and I will display a screenshot of the winners at the end of the giveaway.

To enter…

—>>> Please watch the above video if you haven’t already and leave a relevant comment, ie what scene in the video reminds you of a memory in your life?

—>>> Check out the styles tab at Shutterfly and tell me what photo book style you would love to create.





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    I watched the video, and the part where the little boy was making cookies with his Grandma, made me think of all the times when I helped my mom bake and cook. I’m making memories with my 3 yr old daughter now. She loves to bake, and earlier today we made bread, and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Tomorrow, we’ll be making the green tomato bread we didn’t get to today. :)

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