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Close your eyes and imagine the wonderful taste of ginger and tangerine. That’s what I had to do until my Ginger Tangerine Rooibos tin of tea from ITO EN came. I couldn’t wait to try this tea and it was worth the wait. I love tea any day of the week but during the holidays I tend to drink more hot tea than any other time. I take more time for myself to do some holiday baking, wrap presents and I really enjoy going to parties or having friends and family over. After tasting my Ginger Tangerine Rooibos tea, I’ve decided that it is the perfect tea blend for holiday entertaining. It is so good, I couldn’t stop at one cup. It’s packed full of flavor and the aroma will have you drooling while you wait for the tea to steep.

Ginger Tangerine Rooibos tea

Ginger Tangerine Rooibos tea

If you don’t think this flavor will suit you, don’t worry, there are plenty of other flavors to choose from; Golden Oolong, Sencha Green, Gyokuro, Darjeeling, Ceylon Breakfast, Genmai Green and Jasmine Green. I’ve had a few of these flavors in the past and I have not been disappointed with any of them. The only time I was disappointed was when my prepacked tea tins ran out, until I realized that they are really affordable. Prices range from $12 to $45. These prepackaged tea tins would would make great Christmas gifts or even stocking stuffers for the tea lovers on your Christmas gift giving list.

Ginger Tangerine Rooibos tea

Ginger Tangerine Rooibos tea

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  1. Robin Wilson says:

    I like the Sencha Green Tea – sounds good and has anti-oxidants!

  2. DeAnn Pilch says:

    Mmmm…the names are so evocative I can almost drift away to the sound of them. Of all listed, besides Ginger Tangerine, I’d like to savor Golden Oolong. It brings to mind dragons and sunsets.

  3. Margaret’s Hope First Flush Darjeeling

  4. betty says:

    Gyokuro and 2012 Chiran Yutaka Midori Shincha “Artisanal” are interesting – I’d love to try them.

  5. I’d also like to try the Ceylon Breakfast or one of the Chai’s!!

  6. kris kaiser-hipp says:

    I would try the hibiscus tea and would get some peppermint for my daughters who love it.

  7. Ana Kurland says:

    Chocolate Chai

  8. I would try the Ali Shan loose leaf team , however, the tangerine sounds even better!

  9. Budding Jasmine Rose

  10. Tayler says:

    I would like to try the Ali Shan since it sounds interesting and I’m curious to see what it tastes like.

  11. Toni Cosgrove says:

    I would love to try the Vanilla Caramel Truffle, as I have never had it before and it sounds yummy.

  12. Vanilla Caramel Truffle

  13. would love to try their peppermint and temple chai teas! The first time I experienced their teas was their ready mades in the refrigerator case at Whole Foods.. it was nice. The ginger Tangerine Rooibos sounds amazing!!
    Cathy B*****y pbprojecthope at yahoo dotcom

  14. I would like to try the Jasmine Green Tea

  15. Lina Correa says:

    I’d like to try Temple Chai. I have a Libre mug and need tea for it!

  16. I would like to try OOlong

  17. Leigh Simon says:

    Chocolate Chai!!!

  18. Jen M. says:

    I’d like to try the Golden Oolong! I love tea, and it’s been the perfect weather for drinking it! =)

  19. April Briggs says:

    Seriously? To pick just one? Okay, if I have to pick just one……I would have to say Gyokuro

  20. Dora J Crow says:

    I am a relatively new young tea drinker. I still have to have mine with milk/half n half and turbinado sugar. I find I only like flavored teas, such as spiced chai or vanilla chai or Vanilla Caramel Truffle. I think I would have to try the ITO EN Rose Green tea. I have never had Rose tea, but would love to try it and the Ginger Roobios.

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