ProCook Pizza and Paella Pans

ProCook Pizza Stone

When I hear the word pizza I start craving it. Pizza is just one of those meals that is so versatile that you can make it differently each and every time you make it. If you like to make pizza as much as we do then you know that having the right type of pizza pans is important to make pizza successfully. I am currently looking for some new pizza cookware, so I’ve been looking at the Pizza and Patella Pans at this morning. I really want their Pizza Stone. Of course there would be many reasons why their ProCook Non Stick Pizza Pan would be a great investment as well.

Having a Pizza and Patella Pan from ProCook would allow me to make pizza from a unique, and quality cookware, family owned website, that is designed to last a lifetime. I don’t like cheap items that are going to tear up in a matter of months. I spend a lot of time in my homey kitchen and I get used to cooking with my cookware (of course I have my favorite pieces). I don’t want something to tear up because then I’m stuck with an item that don’t have a guarantee on it. I don’t want to have to buy more cookware and start all over when it’s something I really like cooking with. Some pieces are really hard to find. For this reason, I look for companies like ProCook who have extensive guarantees on their products. With 18 quality owned stores across the UK, I can’t think of one reason why you shouldn’t shop for the best with ProCook.

If you have a good pizza recipe you want to share, I’d love to try it. Please leave it in a comment below. In the meantime, I’m headed back to ProCook to try some of their recipes that are listed on their site.

This post is brought to you by your friends at ProCook and Terri’s Little Haven.

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  2. That Pizza looks amazing!! I want some! I really do need a cooking stone! Thank you for the review!

  3. My mother was asking about a pizza stone and what to look for in a GOOD one. Well I now know what to tell her to look at the ProCook ones. Thanks

  4. melissa k says:

    i think that delicious looking pizza just inspired me.. I need to get a pizza stone!!

  5. Lisa @ Drugstore Divas says:

    We’re looking for a pizza stone, and this one looks great. I love that it has handles because a lot of the ones we’ve been looking at don’t have them. My only concern is that the site is not in US dollars, so I’d be worried about international shipping costs. Do you know about those?

    • Hi Lisa,
      Currently they only offer delivery to the UK mainland. If you’d like to order from NI, Isle Man, Isle of Wight or elsewhere outside of UK mainland areas please contact their Customer Services team using
      I hope this helps.

      • Derek says:

        Hi guys!
        Procook now has stores in kittery, ME and Merrimack NH. Their website should be up by the end of January and they will begin shipping in the USA at that point!

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