I can think of quite a few reasons why I would want to treat a cold sore as quickly as possible… one really good reason is that I wouldn’t want to spread a cold sore to someone else.

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We have been using Abreva for cold sores since my since my son was a preteen. I can go a couple of years and never get a cold sore or I could get a couple within a years time. Unfortunately that is not the case with my son. Almost every time he was scheduled to have his portraits made for baseball or school, he developed a cold sore. First date, prom night, awards banquet, you name it, he developed an unsightly and painful cold sore.

The older he got, the more conscientious it made it to have a cold sore. That is when I talked to our pharmacist about a treatment that would provide fast healing relief for cold sores. He suggested Abreva and we’ve never run out since. At the start of a cold sore for any of us, we immediately apply Abreva. Abreva is a name we have come to know and trust, which is why I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about this fast healing cold sore treatment. At the start of even the slightest tingle, Abreva is put to use around here.

Abreva is the only over-the-counter medication approved by the FDA that is proven to shorten healing time.

The holidays are upon us and the last thing anyone needs is a cold sore. Fatigue, stress and weather can trigger cold sores; just to name a few. There is always stress associated with Christmas especially with the economy like it is. Everyone wants something and funds are low. And of course the holidays are generally busy and lets not forget we have Jack Frost nipping at our heals. My advice to you is to go ahead and stock up on Abreva. Tis the season for.. cold sores. Currently we have only used the Abreva medicated cream, but, I do want to purchase the new Abreva invisible cold sore patch. With all of the parties and family gatherings we have coming up, the last thing I want is an ugly cold sore. From what I’ve seen and read, I could even apply makeup over it.

If you want a cold sore treatment that works fast, take it from someone who knows, Abreva is the only name I trust.

Abreva Fight Cold Sores With Abreva

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  1. Nichole Garzone says:

    I learned that abreva is brought on by stress, and that this is a GREAT product too

  2. Rachel Beltz says:

    Next time I need coverage, I’m going for the patch :)

  3. KAREN BARTA says:

    i did not realize fatigue could be a trigger!

  4. Sheena Mariee Eaton says:

    I was unaware that Abreva was the only FDA approved over the counter cold sore treatment! That alone says alot about a product for me! I also learned that there are so many factors such as weather, stress, fatigue, and colds that can trigger the cold sores and most of us catch them in our youth!

  5. jessica locastro says:

    comes in invisible patch now

  6. Vanessa W. says:

    I had no idea they had a patch!

  7. Didn’t know the HSV-1 virus was usually contracted sometime during childhood. Maybe from always putting things in your mouth as a baby?

  8. michele krik says:

    10% Docosanol — a unique, patented ingredient that speeds healing and helps protect healthy cells against the cold sore infection.It tingles when you put it on

  9. Cassandra McCann says:

    i learned that this is a great product and affordable also comes in patch

  10. Gyle H. says:

    Hi, I checked out the site and it looks like they have a cream and a patch to help heal cold sores. Very nice!

  11. I learned that you can apply your regular makeup over the Abreva patch!

  12. Jamie Marion says:

    That cold sores can be brought on by stress!

  13. I’ve seen the commercials for the cold sore patch and think it’s pretty neat. I’ve used Abreva before and it works well!

  14. Tammy Dalton says:

    I learned they have a patch too, which is great if you want to hide the cold sore!!

  15. sara moon says:

    i lovw it

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