January Mystery Giveaway Celebration

This year, I have a lot to celebrate and I want to include you in on it because it wouldn’t be possible without you. Terri’s Little Haven has a 5 year Birthday coming up this month and I’ve reached and bypassed my 15k facebook likes loves I was hoping to reach. As a way of saying thank you, I’ve been busy in the background putting together a January Mystery Giveaway Celebration event especially for you; kick off January 15th, 2013.

Every day there will be a mystery giveaway but you won’t know what it is. You will know what I received because I’m going to post a review of each item. I will be introducing you to some NEW sponsors that I have taken the time to discover. They each have some of the most unusual, unique, and/or handmade all around wonderful products that I’ve carefully selected (and we all know how picky I am). PLUS, some of my all time favorite sponsors are participating who I wouldn’t dare leave out. FUN FUN FUN!

Some of the companies are sending the winner the same item/items that I will be reviewing and some are not. For some, I don’t even know what they are sending the winner. I love surprises and I know from experience that you do as well. Be watching my sidebar as it sparkles and grows with my sponsors for this event. Please visit them to see what they have to offer. At the end of the event I will categorize each of the products as I did in my Holiday Shopper’s Gift Guide and they will remain on the above menu year round to provide you with unique gift ideas for your online shopping experience.

At the end of the event, there will be an ultimate giveaway of multiple prizes from multiple sponsors (Christmas in January). The entries for it will be to enter each giveaway leading up to that. The more you enter the greater your chance of winning. NOTE: This event is for my followers. You will only have 48 hours to enter each giveaway. I will post the giveaways on all social media sites and in my newsletter. If you are not following me you won’t know when each giveaway starts or ends. Please see my social media links on my sidebar to make sure we are connected.

I want to thank the following participating bloggers for helping me with my celebration event. They will be posting and promoting each giveaway as well. They are the absolute best and they each excel in short, flash, giveaways. This is not an easy task taken into account the number of sponsors I have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Celebrate Woman Today | Mom Does Reviews
Creatively Cheap & Constantly Crazy
Kimberly’s Thoughts | Must Love Freebies

    Thank you for your continued support and I hope that 2013 is the best year ever for you.

    Hugs xo

    Disclosure: As always, my events are free for participating sponsors regardless of the product amount.

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    1. jilldonahoo2 says:

      Congrats on having such a successful new business!

    2. Victoria mayweathers says:

      I love this and I love surprises being sent a gift that you dont no what it is is like valentines day anniversary or my birthday all over again so excited love this giveaway thank you

    3. Awesome! Congrats on your 5 year anniversary!

    4. Brandi Brown says:

      Just wanted to tell you thank you for all the hard work you do putting all these things together for us

    5. I’m having so much fun coming back to this drawing and finding new drawings and entries! Keep up the good work, Terri!

    6. sandymcfadden says:

      Congrats to your upcoming anniversary I love your site!

    7. crystal lane says:

      Happy early birthday for your site.Love giveaways thanks for the chance.

    8. I’m so happy that things are going so well for you. Congratulations on the upcoming birthday of your site. Keep up the good work!!!

    9. Rhonda Sparks says:

      This is so awesome you rock thanks for sharing :D

    10. Vikki says:

      Thanks for doing this givaway, Terri.

    11. Congratulations!!! This giveaway sounds really exciting!

    12. Melissa B says:

      Happy Blog Birthday!
      I look forward to your suprise giveaways! =)

    13. OH yes I love love surprise Thank you!!

    14. Grandma Bonnie says:

      Congratulations! I will be waiting to see what products you have selected.

    15. Tammy S says:

      Sounds like fun! Happy Birthday to the best blog out there!

    16. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

      Thank you for all your hard work. Your fans do appreciate it.

    17. Shawna Scott says:

      cool happy birthday! so excited to see the wonderfulness you have for us!

    18. Sue Hull says:

      Oh Yay! Happy 5th B-day! How fun and exciting! I can’t wait to see all the goodies you have. Thank you for having an awesome blog and giveaways. I’m sure it takes a lot of work to keep a blog running. I’m so addicted to giveaways! LOL!!!

    19. Oooh! I’m so excited! Happy Birthday to Terri’s Little Haven! Congrats on 5 years of awesomeness! =D

      • Thank you so much. I spent the first few years blogging and when I started posting reviews, I realized how public I had become and decided I better make the posts private if I wanted to maintain any sort of family privacy at all lol. Onward we go. Lots of great products to be found for everyone.

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