My whole childhood revolved around my dreams of getting married and having children. That’s all I wanted. I didn’t think about college or furthering my education, I wanted to be a housewife. As a young wife and mother, I found myself having to decide that I needed to work outside of the home to help out financially. The farm was not producing like we had hoped and planned. The money just wasn’t coming in that we were putting out; we had kids in diapers, seed to buy for the crops, livestock that depended on us to feed them, and that’s when the fairy tale became a reality. At the time, I didn’t know how to do anything other than be a wife, a mother, and help out on the farm. I took a job at our local hospital working on the weekends in admissions because it was convenient and I wouldn’t have to find childcare for the kids; the Mr. would be able to watch them. Well, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I wasn’t going to make the kind of money we needed for long term management of a dream that we didn’t want to give up.

I decided to go to college to be a nurse. Just like that. I knew what it was going to take to make ends meet, and when you know you know. Taking care of others was what made me happy and I knew from working at the hospital that this was not only what I wanted to do but I would make the money we needed to stay afloat. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds. I already had my hands full. I took care of my home, I helped on the farm, I worked weekends, and then, once I made my decision to go to college, my car decided to pick the worst time to die on me. I was tired. This was all before I started college.

I did what I had to do. I took on yet another part time job at Walmart during the Christmas holiday that year to come up with a down payment for my car. I bought the car and it was the first time that I had to make payments on anything. Gone were the days of paying for something straight from our checking or savings account. I enrolled in college and had to travel approx an hour and a half to classes; I went full time. I had a great family support system and my parents were able to take care of the kids for me to work and go to college. I continued to work on weekends, and when I started my Internship, I worked every afternoon for an OB/GYN, FREE. I took care of everything I needed to at home, worked when I was scheduled, did my homework in my sleep most of the time, and ate when I remembered to. Again, I was tired.

It was the best tired I have ever felt, just knowing that one day I would have a career that would help leave behind those days of stress and worry about our crops producing or if we were going to have to sell the livestock that we knew we would need to keep feeding and taking care of to make the farm successful. The day I graduated from college, I cried. I’m not a crier. But I cried the biggest happiest tears I could muster up. Besides my wedding day and the births of my children, I don’t think there could be such a feeling of accomplishment as receiving my degree, fulfilled in me.

Since then and even recently I’ve taken quite a few online classes on subjects that interest me. I’ve been looking into some photography classes already this year and hopefully I can take some classes along that line soon. Photography is a hobby of mine but it’s one I want to excel in. Today, I have the opportunity to help one of you achieve a degree in a field of your interest, because, one of you will have the opportunity to receive a $1,000 tuition discount on classes at Ivy Bridge College.

IBC focuses on helping moms succeed by offering great support services to moms, they work around your schedule the best they can by providing flexible scheduling, giving you every opportunity to earn an associate’s degree in as little as 17 months. That’s less than 2 years out of your life. I didn’t have the opportunity to receive free tutoring but IBC does offer free tutoring. Not only is IBC dedicated to helping moms succeed, they cost less than 1/3 of what other private colleges cost. Don’t let being a mom stop you from fulfilling your dreams, instead, let being a mom be an incentive to fulfill your dreams. I did it. You can too.

If you have ever wanted to go to college but didn’t know how to begin the process, here is your chance to get your career jump-started with this $1000 tuition discount. Again, one of you will be eligible to take advantage of this discount.

If you would like the chance to win this $1000 tuition discount, please enter using the rafflecopter form below.


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  1. Linda Short says:

    I so enjoyed your story. With hard work and determination, we can achieve our dreams.

  2. Jeanine says:

    I didn’t realize this was a giveaway until I read it to the end. I was dawn in by your story- what an accomplishment! I’m so glad to see you helped 2 women towards fulfilling their dreams as well. Well done!!

  3. Chevy Reid Roper says:

    Love that this college helps Moms who need to work on their own time instead of having sets times that you must be there. Sounds like a great college and even better that they offer this amazing discount!

  4. Mitzi Fisher says:

    I think for a women to complete her degree is a aewsome thing. You can be very independent. :)

  5. Sarah says:

    It’s my goal to complete my degree! Thanks!

  6. Valarie Lee Gentry says:

    I’d like to go back to school to finish my degree! I began college but it was too hard being a single mom and having a full time job. I now have support to help me with my daughter so I would have time to go back to school. I would like to get my Accounting or Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree!

  7. I think the time is coming where I will have less freedom to educate my kids at home. I never got to complete that certification as my oldest was molested, and I quit both school and work to take on the legal system for her. Plus our family grew and we now have a disabled dd.Those expenses are neverending, so a career option for evenings would be nice.

  8. Shara Middlleton says:

    Ive always wanted to further my education but kept putting it off for others. ive seen younger siblings and family members obtain masters and i would love to head in that direction . i want a degree in criminal justice .

  9. kimberly says:

    Social worker for the foster care system. One that will really check on the home life and not just pretend to.

  10. I’m currently a student, but I think it’s important for people with the desire to go to school! I decided to go to school because when I have children, I want to be able to support them on my own and live comfortably if anything were to happen to my husband.

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