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When I was researching soy candles I came across a Precious Gem candle at Sandsational Sparkle. The more I read about it, the more I had to have one. I love candles and gems, I mean really, who doesn’t? In every Precious Gem candle, there is a gem inside worth $39 to $1,000, and in every 1,000 Precious Gem candles, there is a diamond inside (1.2 carat).

Precious Gem Candle

These candles are worth the price of purchase for the scent alone. Mine was wonderful. I received a Lavender Lane scent (doesn’t it sound delightful) soy candle for my product review. It took me a week to burn it down and for me that is a record for candle burning time. The most I’ve ever had a candle burn for was 3 days; of course that was before I received my Precious Gem candle. I have at least one soy candle burning all the time. In fact, the only time I don’t have a candle burning is if I’m away from home. Wonderful candle scents can relax me like nothing else can.

Precious Gem Candle

It took me two days before I was able to retrieve my gem from the candle and when I did I was really pleased with my discovery. If you notice all of the smudges in the photo it’s because I made a mess trying to get my gem out too soon. The wax splattered everywhere lol. The gemstone was kept nice and safe in a small glass vial. Following the website that was included in the candle package, I discovered that it is a Bali Topaz. It’s octagon in shape, 12×7 mm and AAA quality. I think it’s beautiful and would make a lovely ring. I haven’t made up my mind yet to have the Topaz turned into a ring or not. It’s not an expensive gem, however, I think it’s lovely. If I decide to have my stone turned into a ring I will be sure to share the photo with you on my facebook page.


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  1. Rebecca Hammock says:

    Neve heard of these before but they look beautiful and I like the varitey of scents. Plus its always an addess bonus to get a gift too. Very pretty.

  2. lindas90 says:

    I would love to try one of these candles.

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