As a mother and a full time grandmother, it’s important to me to not only keep my family healthy, but I want to do all I can to help keep your family healthy as well. After all, my grands are around some of your kids, your grand kids, our mutual friends, family and/or whatever else the case may be. During my nursing career I spent hours daily educating our patients on preventive health measures. One of things I stressed over and over was hand washing. Lack of hand washing is the main reason we did not store toys in our waiting rooms. I wish they weren’t provided in any public setting and when I see pediatrician offices that have toys in them, I cringe. My grand kids might think I’m mean but I won’t let them play with toys at their doctor’s office. You’d be amazed at how often people don’t wash their hands or their kids hands. Our hands touch everything; coins, door knobs, handshakes, I’ve been known to use a pen from a cashier or two during my shopping trips, we go to the doctors office and pick up magazines that someone has coughed all over, we stay in a motel and automatically reach for the remote control, we pick up books at the library, keyboards, phones, etc… we don’t know who has touched these items and what kind of germs they are carrying. There are germs everywhere and we need to wash our hands. We also need to be more concerned with washing kids hands. Kids put everything into their mouths. I’ve seen moms pick up pacifiers or bottles in the doctors office that have fallen on the ground. It’s so unsanitary. I don’t care about the 10 second rule, if it falls on the floor it’s contaminated in my opinion.

RSV Awareness

Hand washing is one of the simple ways we all can help prevent MedImmune RSV. It’s true that not everyone is always around soap and water. HAND-SANITIZER! Hand-sanitizer is one of the best inventions of our time. It kills more germs than soap and water and you don’t need anything other than the product to use it. Pour a dollop in your hand and rub it in. Every time you do that reduces your risk of getting an illness that you could spread to your children and family. Teaching your children to follow sanitary measures decreases the risk of them and their friends from receiving and spreading illness as well. Don’t just wash your hands or use hand-sanitizer, SPREAD THE WORD! I don’t know about you but I would much rather spread awareness than I would to spread RSV.

RSV Infographic

I’ve talked about one of the ways you can help prevent RSV and I want to share a little information on RSV. RSV is a respiratory syncytial virus that affects 2/3 of all infants by 1 year of age and almost 100% by the time kids reach 2. Needless to say it’s highly contagious which is why it affects almost all kids. RSV is one of those evil little germs that can not be treated. Preemies are very susceptible to getting RSV along with kids in childcare and in school settings. It’s usually at high risk between November and March so you need to be aware of it and know the signs and symptoms. We are in the smack dab in the middle of RSV season. Along with hand washing and using hand sanitizer, be sure to keep your kids toys clean. If you go out to a restaurant, clean the high chair yourself before letting your child use it. Use good judgement by keeping your kids clothes, blankets and bedding clean. If they’ve worn it, hugged it, laid on it, it’s probably contaminated. Also, try to keep your children away from crowds and those who are ill. One of the worst places you can take a child in my opinion, is to the hospital to see someone who is ill.

Be sure to visit for preventive treatment tips, signs, symptoms and more information about this respiratory syncytial virus. You can also follow #RSVProtection on Twitter for more information.

…clean hands save lives…

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  1. Cassie Korando says:

    I’ve never heard of this illness before, but I don’t have children yet either. I wash my hands frequently and plan to pass that habit to my children when I have them.

  2. I’d thought that RSV almost always affects just preemies, thank you for clearing it up! People tend to assume that hand sanitizer replaces handwashing…it doesn’t. In fact, it is pretty ineffective on a lot of viruses, and you should still wash well as soon as you are able.

  3. Paula Feldman says:

    I use more hand soap than anything else in my house. I am a freak about washing my hands.

  4. zuzubailey says:

    Awesome post, everyone, I mean everyone should take time to read every word of this. I was in disbelief a couple of weeks ago when I went to my PCP and they didn’t even have masks or separate areas for all the people in there sick, hacking everywhere!! I don’t think there are enough people taking this and the flu serious enough.

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