I’ve got an all natural 2 N 1 baby and children’s product to tell you about; TruBaby, Bubbly Baby Body & Hair Wash. This product smells so good and has really helped improve my nephew and his wife’s new baby and 2 year old’s skin. Children have such delicate skin I truly hate to see anyone use harsh chemicals on a child. I don’t have to worry about that with this baby body & hair wash. There are no harsh chemicals in it and it leaves the kids skin smelling citrusy, soft and clean.

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As mentioned above, I’ve been letting some family members use this product on their kids. The best way to test a product is to use it over and over and that’s what they have been doing on a daily basis. They have bragged on the bubbly baby body & hair was to all of their friends with children and the ones expecting. They are really pleased with the results. They use this body wash on the kids hair as well as their body. It doesn’t take much to lather on hair and skin. Little peanut loves having a bubble bath with it as well. I’ve always discouraged bubble baths with little girls but this product doesn’t have the harsh chemicals that some bubble bath products do. According to mommy and daddy, when using this, it makes the bathroom smell wonderful. I’ve asked them to rate the product and they give it a 5/5. Good job TruBaby.

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    1. Shannon V says:

      Luv that its all natural. Who wouldn’t want the whole bathroom to smell wonderful after bath time.

    2. Lily Kwan says:

      This baby body and hair wash looks very nice. Thanks for the interesting and informative review!

    3. Ruth chu says:

      I would like to try this I need something to help with bathing my boys. Their skin gets bumps on them and I like it is natural and no chemicals which is important for skin period.

    4. Valarie Lee Gentry says:

      My daughter is 9 now but I still like to use baby shampoo and body wash on her. They are much safer for her skin. I like that Trubaby is chemical free. I’ve been hesitant for my daughter to use bubbles in her baths because I’ve heard they can cause irratation, but I would like to give Trubabys Bubbly Baby Body & Hair Wash a try!

    5. JJ Caraway says:

      I have three grandchildren that come stay regularly at the house that I go through baby bath products quite a bit. I will have to try this with it being all natural and having a great review.

    6. terri tillman says:

      i like to use these kinds of products on my pets. i like knowing i am using chemical free products on my pets.

    7. I really like the tru kid products and I know this one probably does not disappoint either. My girls love bubbles in the bath. The simple fact that they do not contain harsh chemicals is wonderful.

    8. claudia ellis says:

      I’m glad companies are finally catching on to not put any chemicals into soaps and lotions and shampoos, especially in baby and kid products!

    9. Krystal M says:

      I like that it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals in it! It sounds like it smells super nice, as well — the bubble baths I used when I was a kid didn’t seem like they made the whole bathroom smell nice!

    10. Leah CB says:

      I love all natural products. Their products are really neat because they have the Symbol System. So kids (& parents) know where to use it.

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