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I don’t know about you but I love shopping online. 90% of my all of our household items are purchased online. During the Christmas season when everyone else is dashing around trying to find gifts, I shop from the warmth and convenience of my home office. One of my favorite shopping sites is Walmart.com. I often surf around their site to check out their value of the day, their value bundles and clearance items. I keep hoping we will get a Walmart nearby but for now the nearest one is a good little treck when you have back injuries like mine. I don’t often find myself able to travel very often any more.

Speaking of traveling, lets look back in time. When my kids were born we used Pampers. Being a young mom and on a budget too, I tried every less expensive diaper I could find. Ultimately we settled on Pampers and used them through all three kids. When my grand kids were small, that’s what I suggested they use as well. Pampers were the only diaper we tried that did not leak during the night. They kept the wetness off of my baby’s skin which cut down on diaper rashes.

The kids are all in school now and I don’t have any reason to buy Pampers currently, but I wanted give you the heads up that Pampers Bundle of Joy is offering a really good reason to buy your Pampers on Walmart.com. I can’t think of anything better than one of my favorite online shopping sites and my preferred diaper company combined in one post. For all of you Walmart.com online shoppers and all of you Pampers users, I have a great deal to tell you about. For 3 days ONLY, February 2 – February 5th, you can receive one free Gillette® Venus® ProSkinTM razor and one free Gillette Fusion® razor at Walmart.com when you purchase Pampers diapers. The supplies are limited so be sure to order early. Happy shopping.

Product Reviews Blog

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