I love funny tee shirts and buy them occasionally for friends during the holidays. I know quite a few people who like to wear printed tees and knowing what pranksters they are, I knew some of them would be interested in learning about Drinking Irish Tees from After all, St. Patty’s Day is coming up and what could be more fun than wearing a funny Irish Tee at the next Saint Patrick’s Day party? Green beer, drinking tees and a lot of Irish jokes would make any party complete.

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These printed tees are made to last and they didn’t cut corners in the over all production of them. I’ve been wearing tees from this company for about a year now and I’ve never had a problem with them whatsoever. I receive my tee in record time each and every time. My print on the numerous tees looks brand new. The material is nice and thick and after multiple washing’s none of my shirts have faded. The shirts start around $19 depending on what type you are looking for. They have so many styles and colors to choose from, not to mention tons of sayings to choose from as well. If you enjoy wearing or gifting fun T-Shirts, be sure to consider

Buy hilarious Irish drinking tees.

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  1. Julie Thompson says:

    I’m Irish so you know I love these

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