Rich Peacock

When my rich peacock and white striped tie from PUCCINI arrived, my pastor came to mind. I thought the colors would be in the range that he wears with his suits. Keeping this in mind, I asked him to be my model for this review. He is a good sport and readily agreed and is the proud new owner of this gorgeous tie. I don’t think I could have found a happier pair than the new designer tie and Bro. Keith.

The tie is made with a unique microfiber fabric material and has a semi satin look to it or even a semi silk look. It’s made with two colors; peacock (not what I would call blue or a green) and white. I love the colors most of all and I want to point out that there are 8 color combos in this style to chose from. The tie has a nice long length that reached all the way down to the top of my pastors slacks like I think a tie should go. Once he tied it, the knot stayed in place. The tie didn’t wrinkle at all from the time it arrived here until I took it to the church where I gave it to Bro. Keith. It has been handled by everyone who has visited our home between then and today and I’m happy to report that not only is it wrinkle resistant, it’s stain resistant as well. I didn’t realize until after receiving the tie that it only cost $9.90. I was surprised by the quality versus the price. The tie is well made and is just beautiful. It’s not often I see such great quality in this price range.

My take: 5/5


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  1. That is a beautiful shade of teal (?) I am sure my husband would wear it (he is a very picky person).

  2. With this tie, one could really make a statement!
    I see it wearing even for a woman. With some outfits, it would be a great fashion statement!

  3. That is a really nice looking tie and it really is not all that expensive for the qualities you have described! I am sure the recipient will proudly wear it for years to come!

  4. Becky Gilliam says:

    My husband would love a new tie!

  5. Great review for a tie!

  6. Melissa B says:

    The tie looks great! I like it! =)

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