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Abby is prone to rashes, allergies, dry skin, eczema, basically, anything you can imagine concerning skin conditions. It’s not always been easy to keep her five year old skin looking beautiful but I have discovered that it is doable with a new hypoallergenic product I received to review called Baby Magic Healing Balm.

Recently Abby had a cold and runny nose and where she was wiping instead of blowing her nose (which is a work in progress), her little face chapped. I used the healing balm on her face and within 24 hours her skin was almost completely healed. To me that is amazing. Because of her sensitive skin it usually takes trying several products which leads to several days before we find something that can be used on her skin.

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I trusted and used Baby Magic products on my children. Fast forward it to being blessed with grandchildren and as you can imagine as a Baby Magic fan, I used the Body Wash, Baby Lotion and Baby Powder daily on my grandchildren. I must confess that even now I continue to buy Baby Lotion for my growing grands who will always be my babies no matter how old they get. An interesting fact I want to mention is that Abby’s mom uses the Baby Lotion on herself to this day.

I couldn’t be more pleased to discover yet another product that already has become a favorite in our home and Abby’s home. I’ve been telling everyone I know about the Certified Organic Shea Butter that’s in the healing balm and how quickly it worked on Abby’s chapped skin. Her mom has been using it since on all of Abby’s unsightly skin conditions as they arise and is so impressed with the results.

I want one of you to have to chance to try this healing balm (.5 oz) for free if this product is something you could use. US only.

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  1. Abdul Alim says:

    I am from Bangladesh. My daughter’s age is 11 months. From the age of two months her face and body full of Allergy and eczema. I want theis product as soon as posible. How I can get this one or more please informe me if know any on of there.

  2. MiKalah Johnson says:

    I would really like to win this, my husband has a serious case of excema and they told me that it is very possible that my baby is goign to born with it. :( Please consider us so i can take a step in preparing for my baby to help its skin. thanks!

  3. Sandra Rasmussen says:

    I want to try the lip balm..I have used Baby Magic since I had babies..42 and 46 yrs. Ago…..now every night when I apathetic it on….can’t let my Golden Retriever smell it or he will lick it completely off my hands/arms…..he likes the flavor as much as I like how it smells and feels. ::))

  4. Sue Hull says:

    My neices both has a light case of excema and I guess it acts up if they were certain material and they have to be careful of what soaps/body washes they use.I like that this balm is enriched with vitamins,aloe,oatmeal and shea butter.All those are perfect soothers. I didn’t even know baby magic had this.Thank you for the great giveaway! :)

  5. I always look for products that have Shea butter!

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