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I recently had the opportunity to sample several different organic products for the first time. I want to share a little product information about these products so you can determine if you want to use them as well; Organic Soap Nuts, one Safix Scrub Pad and a Soap Nuts Bath Bar.

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When I first read about the organic laundry detergent (soap nuts), I was kind of iffy. Soap nuts? Really? When I received the soap nuts I was even more iffy. They look like something I would find on a hike, not something I would have in my laundry room. Being skeptical, I still wanted to give soap nuts and chance to impress me. I used the sample pack of soap nuts I received (enough for 5 washes) and I was impressed. The soap nuts worked, and although I don’t understand how these work, I now know they do. They did not suds up too much which was good. I felt like I had to re rinse everything I wash with my previous laundry detergent. Abby is allergic to so many laundry detergents and I’m happy to report that she has not had an allergic reaction from her clothing I washed with the soap nuts (no second rinse needed). I used either hot, cold or warm settings for each load. I saved the cold for the 5th load (because I’m evil like that and wanted to see how well it would work after 4 other uses). My soap nuts held their own from 1st wash to last. No chemicals, all natural processing AND this would be an amazing product for cloth diapering parents. I can’t find one complaint (darn it).

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The Safix Scrub Pad is interesting in itself. Not only is it biodegradable but it’s made from a really unique product; coconut. I don’t know who was sitting around on the beach with a coconut and decided it would make a great scrub pad for utensils, bathroom fixtures and more, but I’d like to shake their hand. Because it’s hygienic, I don’t mind using this in my kitchen; I’m funny about everything I use in the kitchen. Get out your non stick dishes to give this a test, it does not scratch surfaces. I even had to use less cleaning products when I used this scrub pad. This pad is designed to last months, so, I can’t even complain about that, with this scrub pad (shooooooot).

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The bath bar soap was everything I hoped it would NOT be. I really wanted to find something to complain about, but NO! It wasn’t meant to be. Not only did I like the soap, I love the soap!! With that being said, you should know I buy all of our bath soap online because I prefer all natural soap. I have tried boocoodles (new word *ahem*) of all natural soap in my lifetime. My Soap Nuts Bath Bar has 5 ingredients and those ingredients feel wonderful on my skin. It lathers better than I thought it would although that isn’t the most important thing to me when buying soap. It also rinses clean. So… not only is this soap recommended by Mother Nature, it’s recommended by Terri’s Little Haven as well (shucks).

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What do you think about these awesome products? Want to give this Soap Nuts Organic Laundry Detergent Sample Pack a try for yourself?

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  1. linda weissler says:

    Love the name – “soap nuts”.

  2. I could use the Soap nuts as Mosquito repellent, as shampoo, cleaners.

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