Hairy Armpits

Women are beautiful. I’ve grown up in a society that teaches women how to take care of themselves. There is a beauty product for just about anything imaginable. In all honesty, I’ve scarcely met an ugly woman. Each one is so delicate and fragile and should be treated as such. It doesn’t matter what size or shape she is, what her hair color or eyes are. Women are beautiful. One of the reasons that women are beautiful to me is because women take care of themselves. I can walk through a crowd of 10 women and come upon a fragrance I’ve never even heard of or a shade of lipstick I’ve never seen before. We use scented lotions, powder our noses, apply lipstick and blush. We bathe in scented products and spend a fortune at Bath & Body Works.

Women are not meant to be hairy. I’m using my mom as my example. I don’t think I have ever seen a stubble under her arms. It’s probably the reason that I shave under my arms every day. It takes less than a minute ladies. LESS THAN A MINUTE. BTW my mom is going to shoot me for mentioning her in a hairy armpit post. But before I die, I’m going to offer a giveaway below. You better enter it fast because I don’t know how long it will be before she reads this and shoots me on the spot.

While I think all women are beautiful, I did mention that I’ve scarcely met an ugly woman. That means I have on occasion met ugly women. I don’t care who a woman is, what she looks like or what title she has. I don’t care if she was judged the most beautiful woman of our time. If a woman has hairy armpits, well, *shaking my head*, I just can’t find beauty in that. I can’t stand hairy armpits on a woman. Any woman. At all. Not even on you Julia. I can’t get past that to find beauty. I just can’t.

Hairy armpits

I do realize there are, or could be, religions or other beliefs that don’t allow women to shave under their arms, or some women just like hairy underarms. Some may even want to braid it, put it in pigtails, or even cut shapes out of it. That’s your preference. As for me and my household, we will shave our armpits.

You might be wondering what brought this on and it was an incident that happened at a ball game this week. I was sitting below a woman who was getting a little excited, hollering, throwing her arms up, and when I turned around and looked up, I wanted to *gag*. HAIRY ARMPITS. I can’t shake that frightening image out of my mind.

Back to the giveaway. You know, the one I want to host before my mom kills me. I want to send one of my female readers a product that will remove hair from head to toe, if you so desire. I might just throw in some other things as well. If you want to be considered for the giveaway prize, leave me a comment telling me why you would like to win. Perhaps you have hairy underarms, a hairy neighbor you’d like to give it to, or you live in a town of hairy rednecks like I do and you want to hand it out at a ballgame. Whatever the reason, just tell me why you need this prize.

On or around May 5th, I will randomly select one of the comments to send the prize to. The one that seems to need it the most or who has a friend who needs it the most. I’m sure someone can use the thing. You must live in the US, in an area that can receive a package from Amazon. 18+ to enter.

…ridding the world of hairy armpits, one pit at a time…

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  1. Lynn C says:

    Women did not shave their armpits until this century when some clothing company released the first sleeveless top and pictured the model without underarm hair. We owe this chore to advertisers, as we do a lot of cosmetic procedures that we otherwise could have lived without. I stopped shaving my pits a couple of years ago when I got pneumonia along with a hysterectomy and was too weak to do much of anything for over a month. It dawned on me that I haven’t worn anything sleeveless in public for a few years, so why was I bothering? What if I put that time toward something more productive or fun? 365 minutes in a year may not seem like much, but I bet a could read a couple of books or whiten my teeth every now and then. Anyway I’m going to continue to go fuzzy unless I ever go swimming, and I’d really just as soon skip it then too. My antiperspirant still works, my partner still finds me attractive and I really have to disagree with your statement that women are not meant to be hairy. If that were true, we wouldn’t have hair growing in all sorts of places we tend to get upset about but really don’t matter in the big picture. I’m just glad summer’s over so I can quit shaving my legs till spring.

  2. This was not an easy choice, I had to ask my friend Renee’s opinion with deciding on the winner. We decided that, at this time, Rosemary Green would benefit most from this giveaway package.

  3. ******** c l o s e d *********

    Thanks for participating everyone. I’ll announce the winner on here as soon as I select one (today).

  4. I can’t stand hairy armpits on a woman either!!! I was admiring this beautiful woman in a bus but was instantly put off the minute her hairy pits showed when she lifted her arms to hold on to the handles! Eeeeeewww!!!

  5. Megan Parsons says:

    I have a hair fobia!!! Seriously I have to shave every day or it drives me nuts! I have coal black hair so you can just imagine how noticeable it is! Yuck!

  6. Regina says:

    Oh my goodness…what a funny post. I would like to win to try this. I don’t think I would give it to anyone, but I do know a couple of people who do not shave their armpits. Maybe I could say, look what I won as to drop a hint..

  7. Regina says:

    Oh my goodness…what a funny post. I would like to win to try this. I don’t think I would give it to anyone, but I do know a couple of people who do not shave their armpits. Maybe I could say, look what I won as to drop a hint…

  8. Wilma Dobla(Rachelle) says:

    That’s true. I believe that women must always clean and don’t have hair armpit.
    I have that experience to, one day we are in the jeepney waiting for other passengers then the lady calling passengers suddenly raise her hand right in front of us. But I’m the only one in our group who saw that. I just told them “There a farmville that’s decaying”. .. I can’t forget that -_-

  9. Renee says:

    Because very time i shave i break out in a rash. it is not a pretty site in the summer time

  10. Stephanie Thompson (Free) says:

    I would love to win this because my skin is so sensitive that it would be nice to have something that is easy and won’t break me out to use, plus you can use it on underarms!

  11. You are the best of writters! Thank you for the smiles and chuckles you provide. Be pleased to know that toe hair will also be covered with my winning gift!! Where the heck did they come from. You can imagine the dance I was doing trying to shake them off of my toe. … Oh, no they are stuck to me, Oh Noooooo they are mine … and dark… Oh No !!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh — how long … how long have they been there … .

  12. MJ Moore says:

    I remember being soo sensitive about my armpit hair as a young teenager. We had a neighborhood pool, and I was never comfortable swimming, because I always had stubble! One time some boys gave the beautiful lifeguard a hard time, because they saw her stubble! Of course now I know that they just wanted her attention :) Anyway, my skin is irritated by shaving, waxing and tweezing- but I still shave and still have stubble. The one time I helped my mom wax her armpits, we were BOTH traumatized… Let’s just say, coarse hair is not good for waxing :P

  13. Since being pregnant the hair on my legs has gotten a lot darker.

  14. Dena Sablotny says:

    Whatever the reason, just tell me why you need this prize. I have excess body hair due to PCOD, I could use this product daily. Polcystic ovary syndrome is a condition in women characterized by irregular or no menstrual periods, acne, obesity, and excess hair growth. PCOS is a disorder of chronically abnormal ovarian function and hyperandrogenism (abnormally elevated androgen levels). It affects 5-10% of women of reproductive age. PCOS is also called the Stein-Leventhal syndrome.

  15. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    I hate to shave, but I always break down and do! This would be so handy for me since I crushed my legs 10 years ago and have scars up and down my legs and it makes it hard to shave.

  16. Denise Smith says:

    I would love to win this because my hair grows so fast and it seems like i have to shave everyday. i have noticed since i am getting older the hair grown faster and seems like it is thicker because of having to shave daily

  17. Tanya says:

    I would really love to win because with summer coming I’m willing to try any new hair removal product. Since I have PCOS, body hair removal is my constant and what feels at times like a losing battle.
    I need something easy to use product, that wouldn’t make me itch and with the lasting results. Do they make anything like that yet?
    Thank you so much for a giveaway.

  18. Oh My… if you have ever heard the expression “Five Hour Shadow” That is my daily battle. It doesn’t matter where I remove or how… that dreaded Five hour shadow rears its ugly head. My constant battle…

  19. Heather says:

    Hair here, hair there, dammit! there’s hair everywhere! Receiving for free, hair removal product, would be, just the thing to change my luck! (:

  20. I have problems with hairy armpits and legs,too. I shave regularly but I think my hair just loves growing back really fast :) It doesn’t help that I’m a brunette and the hair shows up easily.

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