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If you have never heard of an eco-friendly dryer ball before, don’t feel bad. Until I discovered these amazing balls, I had no idea what they were. This is what I read about the Woolzies Dryer Balls (image screenshot below)…


I couldn’t even begin to imagine a product that softens clothes (1,000 times) while reducing drying time. My mind was spinning while I was reading the description. I was thinking of the hours I spend drying clothes, not to mention the cost of the dryer sheets I’ve been using all these years. Think about it… a product that has no chemicals (I’m thinking of Abby with all of her allergies, goodness help her and each of us who have had to rush her to the ER many times for allergic reactions resulting from the chemicals in laundry products), a product that can do ANYTHING that dryer softeners can, plus, they reduce that drying time saving you time AND MONEY.

Look at the price… I mean seriously, look at the price. I spend more than that MONTHLY on dryer sheets.

woolzies dryer balls

So of course, I reached out to the amazing company responsible for this brilliant time and money saving product to nonchalantly beg plead grovel ask if I could try their dryer balls to share my findings with you.

They agreed whew.


Woolzies Dryer  Balls

One of my concerns about the Woolzies Dryer Balls, was how much noise the balls would make bouncing around in the dryer. Have you ever gotten one of the kids asleep and dared anyone to make a sound? Sometimes, it’s like that here; don’t breathe, don’t move, don’t sneeze, until. nap. time. is. over. !!! Balls bouncing around in the dryer could seriously interfere with nap time, which is usually when I get most of my cleaning accomplished. I thought about the pro’s and decided that I could probably deal with a noisy dryer (and do laundry outside of nap time) if these balls could in fact perform as they said they would. Well guess what. I didn’t hear the balls bouncing around in the dryer like I thought I would. If you have ever played tennis, that is the noise I was imagining I would hear in our laundry room. There was not any noise from the balls. NONE.


Woolzies Dryer Balls

Woolzies Dryer Balls

Another concern of mine was the softness. As you know, I suffer from back pain due to my spine collapsing, the surgery I had and many other issues resulting from my injuries. If I feel a wrinkle in my sheets or bedclothes, it’s painful. I know that sounds silly, but it’s not a laughing matter to me. My clothes have to be soft and wrinkle free (and sheets) when I go to bed. So the Woolzies Dryer Balls would have to pass MY softness test before I would be satisfied with this product. Repeat after me… “Woolzies Dryer Balls passed my softness test with flying colors”… leaving me with wrinkle free, soft clothes.

Need I say more? can do better with sharing everything you want to know and more about the Woolzie Dryer Balls, but I just had to brag on their performance. Some products and inventions truly amaze me.

Buy Woolzies, try them, then let me know how you liked them and what you liked best about their performance.

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  1. M.Clark says:

    This sounds like a wonderful product, now I really want to try it, thank you for posting about it.

  2. Jane McClure says:

    I make my own wool dryer balls. A skien of wool yarn, a little time to roll the balls, a knee high stocking. Put them in the washer, then into the dryer and wa-la you go dryer balls.

  3. Donna Cheatle says:

    I’ve been using Woolzies for about 6 months now. I can honestly say that when these ones finally fall apart, I’ll buy another set. The savings is HUGE!! A full load of towels or jeans doesn’t even need a full dryer cycle now. This is one of those products that absolutely does live up to the hype!!

  4. Grandma Bonnie says:

    When I tried the Woolzies I was amazed at how soft our clothing could be. Unfortunately my newest grandson as server skin allergies and I gave my daughter our dryer balls with the intention of getting more and we have not replaced them yet.
    I am glad you like yours. Its great they can help Abby.

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