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I give the kids sugarless chewing gum in between brushing because it helps remove particles that would otherwise sit between their teeth and possible develop into a cavity. I give it to them for other reasons as well. I’ve been trying Glee Gum on them the past two weeks and they have enjoyed all of the boxes we received to review. In fact they got into some of it before I could take photos. Shame on them :). Who could blame them though and the fact that it’s good for them, well, I’m not complaining.

We’ve enjoyed the taste of all of the ones we’ve tried. I say we because I got into a box myself a time or two. They come in a large or small. Some of the small boxes had two in them and some had four. You can buy Glee Gum in bulk, by the case, mini sizes and even in a gum dispenser (which I’m seriously considering purchasing). They also sell many other things such as their candy kits. They offer classic Glee as well as Sugar-Free chewing gum. I prefer the Sugar-Free but I’d be interested in trying the classic in the future.

kids sugarless chewing gum


If you would like to try Glee Gum, 1 lucky US winner will receive a variety pack of Glee Gum, courtesy of Glee Gum. Please use the form to enter.

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