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I’m getting excited about Christmas and hosting my Holiday Shopper’s Gift Guide now that I have my shopping 95% finished lol. If you are a blogger and want to participate in the Gift guide (guaranteed lots of traffic to your site), you will need to contact at least one company to sponsor a prize pack of $50 or more (or combine several products to equal $50). You can self sponsor your giveaway. I don’t have banners made yet, but if you want to advertise so companies will know you are participating, please put a little blurb on your sidebar, something similar to what I have. If any of us have the same sponsor/sponsors, we will cross promote the giveaways.

If you are a company and you want to sponsor a review/giveaway on Terri’s Little Haven for the Holiday Shoppers Gift Guide 2013, please send me an email with your information. The event will be linked to my homepage up to 6 months following the event.

If you are a company and you would just like a link, with a product photo and mention, in the gift guide, please contact me for more information.

Tentative dates, Nov 5 thru Dec 5.

Holiday Shoppers Gift Guide sponsors 2012
(Sponsors who participated in last years event.

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