Kidizoom Camera Connect FLASH 24 HOUR Giveaway


If you are looking for the perfect kiddie holiday gift, let me suggest the Kidizoom Camera Connect. We have had a blast with ours. I am always on the lookout for products that are educational as well as fun and that’s what I’ve found with this camera. Although the ages for this camera are 3 – 8, this camera is real and it does take amazing photos. I wanted to share a little description about the product from the site so please see the following screenshot…

Kidizoom Camera

As much as the kids love taking photos and videos, they LOVE playing the built in games as well. This camera is the perfect take along toy on trips. Instead of hearing… “are we there yet?” we now hear a bunch of giggling. Giggling is good, right?

Kidizoom Camera Connect Flash Giveaway

Another thing I like about this camera is the amount of storage it provides on the microSD card. 800 photos or more can be stored. The kids haven’t taken 800 yet and it’s still going strong. Not having to clear off the card every time I turn around is a big plus where I’m concerned.

Kidizoom Camera Connect

Kidizoom Camera Connect

I don’t know any kid that does not like animations. This camrea provides a free download of Animation Maker. Not only can you make animations, the kids can use the photo editor to do fun things with their photos.

Kidizoom® Camera Connect by VTech®

Kidizoom® Camera Connect by VTech®

This camera provides so much fun and entertainment, I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to purchase one for your kids. At only $39.99, I can’t think of a better camera for your kids at Christmas, Birthdays, or, just because days. We do that a lot around here. Oh! Just because!

If you would like to go ahead and purchase one or even more of these cameras, visit We received the blue camera but it also comes in pink for those of you who prefer gender specific colors. If you would like to enter for a chance to win a Vtech Kidizoon, please use the form below to enter.

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  1. Heather says:

    The whole camera seems incredible! I definitely like that it has a voice recorder and it takes a microSD card.

  2. Kim Kihega says:

    My daughter likes to take ALOT of pictures. I like the fact that it can hold 800 pictures most!

  3. Sharon C says:

    The camera has 128MB internal storage of around 800 photos and a card slot for extra microSD card memory and it can be used to make videos.

  4. Brandy says:

    There are many reasons I like this camera. My daughter loves to take pictures! She will like that she can shoot video with fun animated borders and use a voice recorder with five voice changing effects. Thanks for the chance to win it for her.

  5. Jennifer Speed says:

    I like that it is like a real camera with 1.3 megapixels. I also like the fact that they can add their own flavor and designs to their photos.

  6. This is a Vtech product which is a great product just for kids and durable for the dings. Holds tons of pictures

  7. Nikki Elkins says:

    I like that the camera is durable and can store up to 800 photos. I also like that it has great reviews and my grand daughter would have a blast with this!!

  8. Karen F says:

    My little fellow always wants my camera but I am afraid to let him hold it. This camera would be great for him with the real 1.3 megapixel, and he could shoot videos too. He would love it!

  9. Cathy Coibion says:

    I like that the camera is very kid friendly. It is also durable and can take the hard knocks from a child. It seems like a great toy for my grandson!

  10. susan smoaks says:

    i like that the camera is kid sized and has the big screen. i think our son would really enjoy being able to hold it and take his own pictures too!

  11. Lawna says:

    I love the built in photo effects because it adds some extra fun to images. I also love the fact that it can take video footage. How perfect for mama too since the kiddos wont be ruining my camera!

  12. Kelly D says:

    I like the special built-in photo effects, my kids always enjoy editing their photos to make them fun.

  13. vanessa richard says:

    i love that it hold 800 plus pics and with a 4x zoom my son is sure to leave my phone alone and have his own cool little camera

  14. Donna L says:

    I love this camera for my granddaughter. I like that you can store 800 + photos and it has a 4x digital zoom.

  15. Sharon Kaminski says:

    I learned that the camera has 128MB internal storage of approximately 800 photos and a card slot for extra microSD card memory. It also has the ability to connect to a PC or Mac via USB. You can easily save and send their creations so they can be treasured forever.

  16. SHANNA says:

    I absolutely love it has a 1.3 megapixel camera your child can capture great digital photos and movies. Offering 4x digital zoom for 4x the fun, your child will become an instant photographer and movie director at the press of a button. My son always wants to use my phone for pictures, would love for him to have his own!

  17. This camera is nicer than my own! I like that it has a 4x zoom and can record video and sound too! I think it would be awesome to see the world though my sons eyes with this camera, what a cool toy!

  18. sandra says:

    i like that this camera has 1.3 megapixels and comes with 4x digital zoom. i also like the handles making it easy for kids to hold.

  19. Debra S says:

    This cam even has sound!! And even 4 x zoom! It has some special effects for the picc AND the sound. Sounds complicated to me but my guess is the kids would figure it all out and have fun doing so. You can put the pics onto your computur just like any digi cam. I’t’s durable. AND it has some games too. pretty cool

  20. wendi watson says:

    i like that it has the download manger and that they can add extras to their pictures to personalize them and make them their own!

  21. Michael Lambert says:

    I like that it can do videos. My daughter would love that. I also like that you can hook it up to the PC.

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