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Every once in awhile something catches my eye that I feel the need to share on Terri’s Little Haven. I’m a big believer in doing my part when it comes to donations and helping out with charity events. Not everyone can afford to make donations but there are other ways you can help such as this post is about. Having read the below information, I was hoping to reach out to each of you to help raise the money needed. If you can’t help financially, that’s okay. You can still help make a difference without spending a dime out of your pocket. I’m only asking you for a few minutes and I realize that you are busy so when I say just a few, I mean just a few.

 KIND Healthy Snacks - Hurricane Sandy Initiative

All I need you to do is to click on this link to watch a video on YouTube and for every view, $1 will be donated to help rebuild the firefighter’s home that you will learn about in the video. The video I need you to watch is only 2 minutes and 4 seconds. You will hear about an amazing person who gave his time to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. His own home was destroyed and he hasn’t been able to rebuild it. The money donated will go towards helping this firefighter rebuild his home. Watching this story will not only help shed light on this issue, but KIND will also donate an additional $1 to the renovation project for each view (up to $5,000).

KIND Healthy Snacks - Hurricane Sandy Initiative

For more information click here.

Now, there is one more thing you can do which also will not cost you one little penny and will take less than 30 seconds to do. Please click on the below Twitter buttons I set up and tweet them to your friends and following to help get the word out there about this campaign. There are two different messages so please do both.

Thank you so much for your help and your time. It really will make a difference.

Now that we have that out of the way, I wanted to briefly mention KIND Healthy Snacks. I don’t know what you are planning to hand out for Halloween but remember these healthy snacks as you prepare your goodies. Healthy and tasty snacks that you can feel good about giving.

KIND Healthy Snacks - Hurricane Sandy Initiative

KIND Healthy Snacks - Hurricane Sandy Initiative

KIND Healthy Snacks - Hurricane Sandy Initiative

KIND Healthy Snacks - Hurricane Sandy Initiative

I received – Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt – Blueberry Pecan + Fiber and Fruit & Nut varieties from KIND. I gave them to the kids for a snack the day I received them and there wasn’t one little grain or nut left when they finished their treat. I put the rest in the Halloween buckets I’ve been making them and I know they will enjoy them as much, if not more, than the candy they receive. I will feel good knowing that they are getting something healthy for Halloween for a change.

Buy healthy and tasty KIND healthy snacks. Follow on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

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