invino announces the launch of inclub Wine Club #Contest


invino announces the launch of inclub…


logoInvino is a private sale site for wine access specifically for wine lovers. They focus on the best prices online to give you access to the best deals. I know quite a few people who love good wine and I’ve been able to share a wine club with them that I’ve recently decided to check out. What is unique about inclub is that it’s a 100% customized club that has a palate guarantee™ or more specifically, it’s a “wine club for the modern enthusiast: personalized and effortless.”


Members of this wine club get to choose the type, frequency and quality of wines they receive from inclub. Trust me, there is something for just about if not every wine enthusiast. Not everyone wants the same type of wine monthly and that’s okay too. You can choose special-occasion wines one month and every day sparkling the next. Or, you may just want to select collectors’ wines every time and that’s okay as well. Inclub is designed with you in mind so therefore YOU DECIDE!


If you are looking for a wine club that offers everything from French wine to campaign be sure to join inclub (free membership) to see what they have to offer and to receive more information. While you are there, take the DNA quiz which will give you an idea of what your palate might prefer.

I took the quiz and below are my results.

Embracing Adventurer

If you take the quiz, be sure to let me know what you results are.


If you want the chance to win glassware for 8, wine decanters, wine country artisan treats, and a $250 gift card, click the facebook button on the black box right over there —>>

If you don’t see the box, you may need to download Google chrome.

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  1. Yashwanth Remidi says:

    awesome one ….Thanks

  2. We are wine drinkers so this would be AWESOME. When we go to visit my mom and dad we ALWAYS find a winery to visit (and buy from) while in VA.

  3. This is a fantastic giveaway! Thank you.

  4. Not a big wine drinker here but I would love to collect for special occasions. I think it is best that I listen to the experts since I have very little knowledge of it. So this sounds like a great idea!

  5. natalie nichols says:

    This looks really great. I would love to try different wines every month.

  6. eric rivera says:

    what a great club the best of any if you ask me cause its wine!! my favorite past time no pun intended lol but really ima have to join this one cause i herd the wine is great from many other bloggers aswell

  7. Lori Alcorn says:

    I have also been subscribed to your youtube channel form other giveaways you had had in the past :)

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