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If there is one thing I want to teach the kids, it’s the importance of knowing when something is dangerous or even when people are. Things are not like they were when we were growing up. We lived on a big farm in beautiful Pennsylvania. Our nearest neighbors were miles down the road and “stranger danger” was just not something we had to worry about back then. But, we did have a creek running through our cow pasture, we had caves all in the woods and my parents were forever warning us about falling in the pond or a cave caving in on us (no, I’m not old enough to have lived in the cave man days). They came up with every story imaginable to terrify us enough that we didn’t go near anything that might endanger us.

By the time I married and had my own kids, the world had changed and is still changing. While we didn’t have to worry about stranger danger while growing up, I now had to with my kids. I stayed on my kids so much about not talking to strangers that I’m sure I had them scared silly of talking to anyone. I didn’t know any other way to teach them the importance of personal safety than to scare it into them. I was terrified that something would happen to them. I think it’s every parents nightmare. I wouldn’t let them cross a street without me even after they were teenagers. I was extreme. Too extreme when I think back on those years.

Of course scaring them senseless was the wrong approach and now that I’m a mimi, I want to teach the kids how to be safe without making them terrified of everything and everyone. I’m happy to say that The Mother Company has released a NEW DVD, Ruby’s Studio: The Safety Show. Thankfully it teaches kids to be safe without scaring them to death like I did my kids and my kids are doing to their kids. I think parents and children alike should watch this show. I was fortunate enough to have a sneak peek at the new DVD and I highly recommend it for anyone who has a child, watches children and even teachers *nudges sister*.

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  1. Looks like a great idea, I’ve been looking for something like this at the local library but haven’t run across one

  2. I pinned 3 pins! thanks for giveaway, we could really use these dvds in my house, we teaching our 4 year old about safety. Thanks so much.

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