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I have been using Pledge FloorCare Wood products for the past couple of weeks now. You may recall an earlier post I wrote about the Pledge-To-Pledge Challenge I’m taking (see right sidebar for more information). I have been using the following Pledge FloorCare products: Wood Squirt & Mop, Wood Spray Cleaner, Wood Concentrate and Wood Finish. These are the only products I’m using at the moment and I want to explain a little bit about them before you enter the below giveaway for a chance to win the same products.

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I use the Pledge Squirt & Mop when I need to… Squirt & Mop :). It’s so convenient when the kids are running in and out and I need to do some touch up mopping. We live in Georgia and if you are not aware of the red GA clay, be glad. It means you don’t have to deal with it on a daily basis like I have to. The Pledge Squirt & Mop cleans the clay out of our floor in seconds. It dries quick and does not need a mop bucket to use, which makes this perfect for quick spot mopping. The Quirt & Mop has a wonderful scent that is citrusy and delightful. This cleaner cleans while also shines and protects your floor.

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The Wood Concentrated Cleaner makes up not one, not two, but sixteen gallons of concentrated cleanness, designed to nourish and shine your wood floors. The almond oil smells divine and is safe to use even when I have a lot of dirt and grime to remove from my floors. While it cleans, it also revitalizes our floor. I don’t like rinsing the floor after I mop. I want to mop and go on to the next chore that needs completing. This concentrated cleaner does NOT need rinsing.

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The Pledge Wood Spray Cleaner is like the Squirt & Mop only you spray instead of squirt. I guess it’s a matter of choice in which you want to use. It has the same great scent and it cleans, shines and restores all in one step just like the Quirt & Mop does.

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The Pledge Wood Finish, is just that. The finishing touch for your sealed wood floors. The Wood Finish makes our floors shine and shine and shine. It’s long lasting (which means less work ladies and gents!) and it prevents that red GA clay, or, dirt, according to where you live, from getting trapped in the grooves.

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So… what do you think? Do these products sound amazing or what? I’ve also been using the Wood Spray Cleaner on all of our wood products. So far, so good. If you live in the US and are 18+ you can enter the below giveaway for a chance to win the same cleaners I received to review. Good luck and thank you for participating.

NOTE: This giveaway ends 11/15 at 11:59 pm. The winner will only have 24 hours to respond because I have a deadline to submit the info. I’m sorry, I usually NEVER have a time limit but.. in the event the winner does not respond, I’ll select a winner from the comments list based on the comment I think is most relevant or funny. I like funny. Funny things happen when we mop, riiiiiiiiight?

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  1. Sandra McFadden says:

    The Wood Spray Cleaner

  2. witney stroup says:

    I would be very interested in trying the squirt and mop. I have 5 kids and something easy is always appreciated when it comes to cleaning.

  3. Kathy Lane says:

    The Wood Spray Cleaner would be so great. I have a lot of wood pieces in my home and have been looking for a good cleaner.

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