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I recently reviewed a Sweet Peek 2.4″ Video Baby Monitor. This monitor is loaded with features and I have to tell you that it’s one of my TOP picks for this years Holiday Shoppers Gift Guide. If you know anyone that has a child or a baby on the way, this would make the perfect gift. I have so many great things to say about this monitor and it’s features but I think the following video says it better than I could. Please watch the video before continuing.

The baby monitor comes with everything needed to get started. One of my favorite features with this is the wireless camera. Most families today have wireless networks in their home, including ours. Another feature I love about this monitor is that you can expand your system with up to 4 monitors. That means you can put one anyplace you need it through out your home or even when you go outdoors. The battery life claims to work up to 8 hours but I can’t really verify that because I keep mine plugged in. It’s just easier for me to do that than to remember to charge it.

In case you haven’t heard, our family has been extended by one as of yesterday, 11/12/13. Welcome to the family baby Charlie. If you are a follower on my blog then I’m sure you’ve read that we lost 4 family members recently (pneumonia, Alzheimer, and two to cancer). One of our sad losses was papa who’s name was Charles. Charlie was named after him and he will be remembered through out my life and those of everyone in my family. Being able to use the monitor for Charlie is a blessing during our time of grief. One less thing to worry about.

Charlie Charlie Charlie

One of you will have the chance to win a Sweet Peek Baby Video Baby Monitor. This giveaway is for US & CA 18+ only. Sorry :/ Please use the rafflecopter form to enter.

Before entering, go ahead and connect with Lorex Technology.
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  1. Lily Kwan says:

    I learned that it has a battery life of 8 hours.

  2. Cassandra Davis says:

    Among the many amazing features I love that it’s rechargeable! Thank you!

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