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I recently received 3 Chet the Cat™ Yummy Adventures Play Sets that are not only yummy, adorable and fun, they are educational as well. I want you to get excited because one of my US or CA followers will get the following 3 sets (hopefully in time for Christmas) from Educational Insights.

chet the cat

Tyler, Alyssa and Abby love to help me in the kitchen. They really enjoy mixing and stirring and being a part of our meal preparations. They also like to play with make believe baking sets and I’m always surprised by their wonderful little imaginations. They are always “cooking” something up for me. We have tea parties quite often around here, pretend and real. The Chet the Cat™ Yummy Adventures Play Sets couldn’t have been a more perfect gift for the kids, yes, male and female. Mommies, teach them young men how to cook and you will never have to worry about them going hungry. Around here, some of the men can cook better than their wives. A few of you know who I’m talking about hee hee.

*sorry about the blurry photo, it happens ;)

I know you are chomping at the bit to enter the giveaway, but hold your horses just a few because I want to briefly touch on the Chet the Cat™ Yummy Adventures Play Sets.

The first one I want to mention is the Chet the Cat™ and Friends Baking Set. This set comes with 9 pieces that are dishwasher safe. Yes, they are that durable.

chet the cat and friends

Next up is the Chet the Cat™ and Friends Dish Set. This is the kids favorite of all the sets because there are enough of everything for each of them. This set comes with 24 pieces. And of course it’s dishwasher-safe as well. I throw everything in our dishwasher. Except the kids.

chet the cat and friends

The third set I received is the Chet the Cat™ and Friends Cooking Set. The kids have been cooking up a storm with this 7 piece cooking set. At the end of the day, I stick the pieces in the dishwasher and Chet the Cat™ and Friends are ready to entertain again when they wake up.

If you celebrate Christmas, these play sets would make the perfect Christmas gifts. I know any child would love to own these sets and before I forget, you can download free Chet the Cat™ and Friends placemats.

Before entering the below giveaway, there are a couple of things you need to do.

–>> Please visit Educational Insights and check out these and their other products as well. If you don’t want to wait for the giveaway to end, go ahead and buy these sets while you are there. It’s already November, time to start shopping.

–>> Connect with Educational Insights
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Meet Chet the Cat and Friends
Meet Chet the Cat and Friends
Meet Chet the Cat and Friends
Meet Chet the Cat and Friends
Meet Chet the Cat and Friends
Meet Chet the Cat and Friends
Meet Chet the Cat and Friends

US & CA 18+ to enter. Void where prohibited.

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  1. Teresa Thompson says:

    I would love to have GeoSafari® Vega 600 Telescope for my granddaughter. She loves anything to do with the solar system and space.

  2. Lisa Hollinger Barto says:

    I love that all of the toys are educational and encourage creativity. I would love the GreenThumb Classroom Greenhouse because we just started gardening this year.

  3. nikki b says:

    they have alot of great educational toys that make learning fun id love the dinosaur construction set as well

  4. the science granddaughter would love that one

  5. I also like the buried treaure egyptian dig

  6. MathShark sounds great fun and educational toy.

  7. Michelle B says:

    I’d like the Shelby’s Snack Shack Game because my daughter loves animal based games.

  8. Krystal Dunlap says:

    I have four girls they are 8,7, and almost 3 year old twins. I think my girls would really love BBQ Blitz!® or The Sneaky, Snack Squirrel Game ™. I think they would love either of these because we love to play family games together. Thank you for the chance to win!

  9. eleanor says:

    Like the Hot Dots Flash Cards, Multiplication Facts 0-9 and Laugh it Up! Vocabulary Development Cards Bundle. This would be great when I am helping my child learn math and vocabulary.

  10. Kathy Lane says:

    I learned that the Chet The Cat play sets are dishwasher-safe.My grandkids would love these.

  11. Kerry G. says:

    I’d like the Hot Dots® Jr. Let’s Master Kindergarten Reading for my oldest son. Hot Dots looks like a fun way for my son to learn. I like the different sets they have available too.

  12. neslihan says:

    i would like to see the Dino Construction Company™–Wrecker the T-Rex Skid Loader for my boys.

  13. kim burnett says:

    Hot Dots Jr. sounds fun!

  14. I really like those Hot Dots for Math. As a mother of a struggling elementary math student they would make the task seem much more fun for children. Great review and thanks for the opportunity to win!

  15. As a teacher, I loved it all how wonderful to make education fun. I wish middle and high school kids still have that enthusiasm.

  16. kristen visser says:

    i love the toys geared to help children learn in math such as the Hot Dots Jr. Let’s Master Pre-K Math.

  17. mommasbacon says:

    I love their manipulatives and sorting toys!

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