Kiss and Make up Cosmetic Case

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I am now the proud owner of a teal ocean Kiss and Make up Cosmetic Case from

Kiss and Make up Cosmetic Case

Kiss and Make up Cosmetic Case

Kiss and Make up Cosmetic Case

Kiss and Make up Cosmetic Case

It didn’t take me long to start filling up my new cosmetic case because I love makeup and I have baskets of it laying around. I threw some in for photos but now comes the fun part when I go through all of my baskets and pick out my favorite make up products. I am thrilled that I can become better organized for our next vacation. You might remember my posting about our Bahama Cruise but what I failed to mention was that I had make up strewn from one end of our cabin to the next. I said then that I was going to buy a good make up case to take with me on our next trip.

 Kiss and Make up Cosmetic Case

Kiss and Make up

Things I personally love about the Kiss and Make up Cosmetic Case…

The compartments. Finally, some kind of organization. Foundation and powder in one, eye shadow and blush in another, mascara in another… you get the picture.

Somewhere to keep my make up brushes separate from the rest of my make up. I don’t know how many times I’ve left the foundation lid half off and ruined my make up brushes. I can deal with buying new foundation but it’s hard to find make up brushes that I like.

I can wipe it clean in the event I leave my foundation lid off or partially off, like I’m known to do. It won’t leak out of the zippered compartment into my bag.

The colors and the style are chic and fashionable. I like fashionable.

I can purchase 3 other travel companion products in the same colors and style to match my new cosmetic case; Oh La La Lingerie Bag, She-She Shoe Bag and the Wash, Dry and Repeat Laundry Bag.

You can purchase a Kiss and Make Up cosmetic case for under $50 {$48.00}. It is the absolute perfect {must have} travel companion at an affordable price.

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So… what do you like best about my new Kiss and Make up Cosmetic Case?

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