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The first thing I want to mention is that Red Carpet Manicure (the first at-home LED gel manicure system) recently released a new line of colors for the holidays. I’ve been looking over the 2013 holiday collection at Red Carpet Manicure and I’m gaga over the new 2013 Holiday Collection Line ‘A Touch of Bling’. One of my favorite collections is the 9 Inch Heels & Sapphire & Ice. I dare you to check out the new collection and NOT find a color or color combo that you want as much as I do. Each one of the new holiday colors are elegant and beautiful and I personally want to own them all.

9 Inch Heels & Sapphire & Ice

Not only are the colors to die for, they have cute and catchy names, like…

Dripping Luxury & Looking Like A Million $$
Dripping Luxury & Looking Like A Million $$


You Like Me, You Really Like Me & I’ll Toast to That
You Like Me, You Really Like Me & I'll Toast to That

You are a busy little bee, right? I know I am right now. The holidays are here and I don’t have hours to spend getting a manicure. So, no need to take time out for a manicure or spend money having it done at a salon when you could do your own at home. After all, with the new holiday collection, you’ve got so many colors to choose from.

Red Carpet Manicure currently has a sweepstakes going on, on facebook (I entered *crosses fingers*) which is super easy to enter. You select the color you like the best out of the new holiday 2013 colors, and like that image. Then you enter your information and share your link so your friends can find it as well.

5 lucky winners will receive:

Red Carpet Manicure Tote Bag

Red Carpet Manicure Tote Bag

Let’s recap… 5 lucky winners will receive…

o Red Carpet Manicure Pro Kit
o Three Holiday Duo Packs
o Red Carpet Manicure Tote Bag

If you don’t want to wait for the giveaway to end, just skip on over to Red Carpet Manicure and purchase your new favorites, today.

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