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I worry myself silly over Tiffany's driving habits and her car maintenance skills.  She doesn't realize she needs to put gasoline in the car until there isn't any in there.  And goodness knows, an oil change to her is about as foreign as the fuel is.  I asked her the other day when the last time was that she changed her windshield wiper blades and she looked at me like I from mars or something.  To Tiffany, a car does all of these things by itself. To the rest of us, we know that car maintenance has to be implemented in order to keep the life of our car healthy.  She wants the car and the luxury of being able to go where she wants, when she wants, without the hassle of dealing with car maintenance.

Thank heavens for Zubie.  As little as Tiffany knows about her engine and error codes,  I think Zubie would make an awesome Valentine's Day gift for her and probably some motorists that you know as well.  Like James, Tiffany's boyfriend, who is about as unconcerned about his vehicle as Tiffany is hers.  Why just last night, his truck left him stranded.  He should have had Zumbie *shaking my head*.  This amazing wireless service monitors the engine and battery health  of motor vehicles so the worry of road trips is diminished.   Check out the below video to see what I mean.

Zumbie uses a cellular connection to keep you, your car and it’s on-board systems always in communication.  It also monitors speeding and vehicle location.  Peace of mind.  

Follow Zubie on Facebook and on Twitter to stay updated.   I have a great deal for those of you who want to give Zubie as a Valentine's Gift.  “Hit the road with Zubie!  SAVE20FEB and SAVE 20%.  “Offer good through March 31, 2013. Shipping charges apply.” Sleep better at night knowing your teens spring break road trip is going to go a lot better with Zubie monitoring the health of your teens engine and *whispers* location. 


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  1. Tammy S says:

    This looks pretty cool. It is something that I think would be great to have in my kids car’s. They aren’t the greatest about maintenance either. Thanks for the info!

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