Talking Anya Dressup & Pet Puppies is a FREE Universal App for the iPhone/iPad and is available for download on the iTunes App Store

This post is brought to you by Talking Anya and Terri’s Little Haven.

The kids love apps and especially cute apps like the one the on the iTunes App Store; Talking Anya Dressup & Pet Puppies by Sprite Labs. This app can be downloaded to your iPad or iPhone.

Alyssa and Abby love playing and dressing up as fairy princesses and they love dressing Talking Anya up as a princess as well. They can even change her hairstyle.

Talking Anya Dress Up & Pet Puppies

The girls love it when Anya repeats what they say. They have giggle fits and we can’t help but laugh along with them. Anya can even laugh as well.

Free App

Favorite noteworthy features:
► Play with a friend feature: Get two devices with Anya on them close to each other to play multi-player games
► Realistic Interactions
► It’s Playtime!
► 5 ADORABLE little Puppies to play with

There are many more features that you child or children will love as well but I want you to skip on over to the iTunes App Store so you can read all about this free app. Sure, this is a great app for kids, but don’t let the kids have all of the fun. Release your inner child and the entire family can have a jolly good time with this adorable multi-player app.

For those of you who have a facebook account, you can record your voice video messages in any dress and in any scene and share with friends on facebook (or your kids can *ahem). This is an all around fun game that I recommend and seriously, can you beat the FREE price for all of the fun your kids will have? Laugh, play and dress up Talking Anya. You can buy additional add on’s or unlock everything for a mere $6.99. I guarantee the money will be well spent.

Here is the download link again which takes you to iTunes. Again, this app is free and any additional add on’s are optional and not needed unless you want to make a purchase. Let the kids play with it a couple of days and come back here to tell me which is their favorite feature or features (hair color? eye color? clothes?; and yours too of course, we love the bubble popping, lol).

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  1. Shannon says:

    This is adorable, thank you for sharing this app with us all.

  2. Wow, this is cool. :) Young girls are sure to love this application

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