Hen Party Ideas to Thrill

Attending a hen party is always a lot of fun, but arranging one can sometimes be more stressful than planning the wedding itself! If you are desperately searching for that ideal hen party idea that will not only please everyone, but will wow the bride-to-be with its originality and creativity, then read on!

Here you will find a selection of hen party ideas that are sure to thrill and amaze, and guaranteed to get everyone in the party mood.

Burlesque Dancing
Ever wished you could recreate the famous Moulin Rouge dancing with you and your girlfriends? Burlesque will give you all the glitz and glamour of being a showgirl and give you a fantastic evening of fun with your best friends. It has become a very popular choice for hen parties that are searching for something a little bit different and its risqué style and stunning outfits are perfect for any theme. If you really want to feel authentic on your big night, why not check out how the professionals do it at Burlesque Dolls and while you’re there, treat yourself to some fabulous threads for the night?

Cocktail Making
Let’s be honest, most hen parties require a drink or two during the evening for refreshment, so why not combine a great night out with a fun activity and try your hand at cocktail making? You can hire a professional who will come along with all the equipment you need and help you and your friends create some fantastic cocktails. And the best thing is, once the lesson is over – you get to drink the results!

Ghost Walk
This might not be the first thing people think of when trying to come up with thrilling hen party idea but, if you have a hen who loves all things spooky and scary, this could be just what you’re looking for. Most cities and towns will have ghost walk events on a regular basis, particularly during the winter months, so get online and start searching. You can make a full night of it by organising your ghost walk to lead into a spook-tastic costumed party at a venue close by.

Murder Mystery Evenings
Don your Sherlock Holmes costume, grab yourself an Agatha Christie novel and put your thinking caps on ready for a night of high society, secrets and scandal! Murder Mystery evenings are all about fantasy and intrigue and are ideal if you know a bride-to-be who enjoys a touch of the dramatic. Organised by professional companies, these Murder Mystery nights can range from a few hours at a local town hall to a whole weekend. Everyone dresses up and gets into the swing of things, investigating strange goings on while enjoying fabulous food and drink.

Theme Park
Did you know you can hire theme parks for special occasions? To be fair, most of us can’t stretch to emptying the entire park for just ourselves and a few friends, but you can organise special party packages that give you and your hen party a free ride! Contact your chosen park and many will have special passes for you and your group that get you onto rides quickly and, for parks with hotels, allow you to hire event rooms for the evening time.  

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  1. Shannon says:

    I have never been to a hen party, but these sound like fun ideas.

  2. Marinela Diaz says:

    It’s my first time to hear about “hen party”. Is it similar to bachelorette party? I’ve never had one before I got married. But those ideas are great. Might use one of those for my close friend’s hen party soon. :)

  3. carrie says:

    great ideas! Ill have to use some of these!!!

  4. Never hosted or attended a Hen Party but it sounds like fun! Please follow back (www.SassySmidgens.Blogspot.com)

  5. Johanna says:

    I think the best is the Burlesque Dancing =D I would have loved my 15 year celebration had that theme

  6. Shannon says:

    What great ideas and I would love to know someone that could rent out a theme park!

  7. Gwenni B says:

    I actually think cocktail-making is an extremely useful skill. Probably my favorite theme in this post.

  8. Lynn C says:

    I’ve never heard of a hen party, but I guess it’s similar to a bachelorette party? These sound like some fun ideas with any group, not just around wedding time. I don’t think my post-forty crowd would be up to the Moulin Rouge, but I’ll keep the rest in mind for the next time I’ve got some disposable income and friends in town.

  9. I like the theme park idea. Very creative ideas.

  10. Anat Paz Kotler says:


  11. Joana Bento says:

    Those are really nice ideas!

  12. Nice! ^.^

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