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Why should you invest in kids bikes?

The stereotypical idyllic childhood vision is of a group of young people out playing in the park together. The bikes make circuits of the area while the children laugh and shout. So why not make this perfect picture a reality?
It is more than just a childhood toy.
Kids bike are safe and are specifically designed to encourage kids to undergo active learning. They promote the great outdoors, and encourage physical activity to increase fitness and combat weight and other health problems. Of course, all this activity and outdoors experiences in childhood often transfer to a healthy lifestyle in adulthood, giving your child a great chance for a healthy future.
Increase in physical strength.
Cycling also increases a child’s physical strength, including their core strength. Good core strength helps improve a child’s posture, which in turn helps their concentration levels at school. Good core strength is also essential for handwriting skills, so getting your children cycling will help their overall education.
It’s a social activity.
Children cycling around the park learn invaluable social skills. Interacting with each other, sorting out disputes, and learning how to listen to each other. Planning out games and creating obstacle courses will help creativity and team work.
They begin to learn the highway code.
Children will only learn consequences through experience. Its far safer to let them learn the consequences of accidents while cycling than later in life in a high speed car. Out in the park they practice passing each other, negotiating obstacles, and avoiding other vehicles which are behaving erratically.
Could be good for future careers.
Cycling is not just a cardio workout, but budding entrepreneurs can make valuable contacts during a ride which can help their future careers.
So, investing in a good kids bike is investing in your child’s future. It can give your child endless enjoyment, in addition to loads of physical activity for their fitness and health. It can help your child’s physical, academic and social development, giving them a great start to life and the opportunity for a rosy future.


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Inspired by kids, WEXY snack bags

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

My grands are from Mars. No, seriously, they are. Even before we got our WEXY snack bags, they have always loved monsters. Therefore, I’m pretty sure that means they are from Mars. I had to buy Monsters U Training pants, Monster High dolls. Monster this and monster that. And now… *blows out a long exagerated sigh* long gone are the days when I could purchase Ziploc sandwich bags for snacking packing. Now, the only acceptable bags in our cupboards have monsters on them. Pink, blue, green and orange monsters.


Yeah, okay so they are BPA Free and Biodegradable bags, but still. Have you ever had lunch & munch with monsters? If you answered no, then your kids are probably not from Mars. I’ve had lunch & munch with monsters. Therefore, my grands are from Mars. I hate to rain on your parade though, you’re still going to have to buy WEXY bags. All the cool kids and little monsters use them.

I fill our WEXY bags up with healthy and nutritious goodies because quite honestly, the kids don’t realize it’s healthy stuff when I put them in WEXY bags. Carrot sticks, cheese sticks, grapes, sandwiches, Fiber One bars (oh wait, those are for me), fruit cups, chicken fingers… and, well, everything except gummy bears. Even though Abby insists gummy bears are healthy. That’s why I’m the grammy and she’s the grandie.

WEXY lunch & munch bags

Abby’s not the only one who seems to think that gummy bears are healthy. I have to warn you that the WEXY monsters love gummy bears. I know this because no matter how many healthy treats I add to the bags, I always find gummy bears in some. Abby believes the WEXY monsters eat them. There might be some truth to it but we haven’t determined if it’s Sammy, Bailey, Scott or Dusty who’s eating them. Those are the four WEXY monsters you see. I don’t know how the gummy bears get in the bags. It’s an unsolved mystery in our house.

WEXY lunch & munch bags

WEXY lunch & munch bags

I guess you need to do your own gummy bears and WEXY bag experiment to find out which little monster eats gummy bears. Lucky for you, I know where you can buy your own disposable, recyclable and reusable WEXY bags.

Be sure to let me know which little WEXY monster is responsible for eating all the gummy bears.

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Flashlight Friends, Valentine’s Day gift suggestion for kids

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Valentine’s day is coming up and I always try to find something unique to give the kids to show my love. Abby is afraid of the dark so I wanted to find something that would help her get to sleep without being afraid. What I found was a WatchBot Flashlight Friends. The flashlight is soft so it makes the perfect sleeping companion. I don’t know any child who does not like animals, especially Abby so the blue flashlight friend puppy was the perfect gift for her. All kids should feel safe and secure when they go to bed.

There are so many uses for Flashlight Friends, they aren’t just limited to kids who are afraid of the dark. When Alyssa can’t sleep, she reads a book and this would be the perfect gift for her as well. The light provides enough light to read and the light never gets hot. These adorable plus friends make the perfect companion for trips to the bathroom at night because they give off enough light to maneuver around in the dark.

Flashlight Friends

I was afraid that Abby would want to play with her Flashlight Friend instead of sleeping but that hasn’t happened. If anything, it has given her a reason to go to sleep earlier without being afraid of the dark. This cute puppy has given her the security she was lacking in the dark and her sleeping habits have really improved.

Flashlight Friends

The light is super easy for kids to turn off and on with just a tap. Tap it once to turn it on, again to turn it off. These Flashlight Friends do NOT get hot with their specially designed LED light and they turn off after 10 minutes. Abby drags her puppy around everywhere she goes and because the battery power lasts for hundreds of hours, who and I to tell her to use the puppy only at night?

Flashlight Friends

If you want to purchase a Flashlight Friend just click on the above link or go to Flashlight Friends are so affordable, you will want to buy one for each of your small children. Be sure to share these animal flashlight friends with your friends and family who are looking for the perfect Valentine Day’s gift any other special holiday gift.

Flashlight Friends

Kidoodle.TV…..Built For Kids, Register for the Holiday Giveaway! #MC

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Right now the grandchildren are all out of school and there is no time for this busy MiMi to be running back and forth monitoring the television. I have Abbigail (5) and Alyssa (9) during the day for the entire month of December. I am so thankful Kidoodle.TV took all that stress of my chest! Kidoodle.TV is perfect for all kids aged 12 and under and designed to be kid friendly and age-appropriate. Abby and Alyssa have had no problems navigating the super easy to use interface and the large selection of programs keep them entertained for as long as I allow them to watch programs.


Kidoodle.TV allowed me, as a grandparent, to set up parental controls based on the age of each child on their personal profiles. As they get older, I can go in and adjust the profiles as needed. I simply select or deselect the programs I would like for them to view depending on each of their ages and needs. The grandchildren love being able to watch programs without any advertisements. And I never have to worry about any adult content being visible on this kid only interface!


Abigail is totally hooked on the Adventures of Madeline and the Ruby Gloom series. She’s the one I have to set the timer for so she will get off and Alyssa will have a chance to watch some programs! The timer has saved me many times with that girl! Alyssa is a little older and is fascinated with the Sabrina series. Actually, we both are and many times I find myself curled up beside her watching along too!


Kidoodle.TV is available on any internet connected device! Having this on my Kindle has certainly made traveling much easier with the grandchildren in tow! Each of the grandchildren are receiving a tablet of their own this Christmas and I know this will be the first thing they will want on there!

I know you will love Kidoodle.TV as much as I do and for the rest of 2013 you can try them out for FREE! Just visit the Kidoodle.TV website and sign up for a free trial and follow the screen directions to be registered to win 1 of 10 tablets or 1 of 10 Kidoodle.TV year long subscriptions!  Easy Peasy! Don’t forget to follow Kidoodle.Tv on Facebook and Twitter.

“I participated in a Blogger Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kidoodle.TV. I received a promotional item and a free trial as a thank you for participating.”


We know that education and learning continues when the school day ends and there are a lot of parents and guardians out there who can use a little help paying for various activities and learning opportunities that used to be funded by school budgets. Faced with buying food or paying for music lessons or summer camp should not be an either/or decision when it comes to a kid’s education!  That is where comes in. is a new fundraising website which allows families with kids K-12 to raise money from friends, family, colleagues and the public to pay for extra-curricular activities.

While we don’t expect an end to car washes and bake sales, we are confident that will prove to be an excellent option for parents and guardians to raise much-needed money to fund all-important after school and extracurricular activities for their kids. We’ve designed-in helpful tools that make it easy to promote Causes and our low administrative fee does not go up to penalize you if you don’t reach your funding goal.

There are new crowdfunding websites popping up every day, and for good reason. We are a generous and compassionate people; always ready to step forward and help another person in need. But while the vast majority of crowdfunding sites allow people to fund just about anything, the focus of is and will always be: kids and education.

If you have a kid with an after school need, we urge you to try raising money through And if you have the heart and financial means to help a deserving kid, please browse or search Causes by category, location or special circumstances. Making a difference in kids’ lives has never been easier.


Curator of Kids’ Causes

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