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About MeMy name is Terri, and I have been blogging online for about 11 years. I am a freelance amateur photographer (my work can be purchased on deviantART; nothing is for sale on Terri’s Little Haven), SCBB handbag boutique consultant/manager, party planner, kiddie taxi driver and pet sitter, just to name a few. I’m very social offline as well as online.

A Minute Part of Reality, Silent Moments & Yours Truly
Terri- A minute part of realityIt’s almost unheard of to see me without a camera in my hands; my family and friends have gotten used to it and actually expect it now. I have never been able to master self portraits as you can plainly tell in this little icon I made of myself.

My favorite photography subjects are nature shots in macro mode, although I like experimenting with a variety of subjects; give me a flower and I will find hundreds of ways to take photos of it.

The clowns:
Tyler, Alyssa, Avery, Abigail, Haley

I spend the majority of my day working on Terri’s Little Haven trying to provide a fun and honest product review website. I’m forever catching my own typos (I don’t know what happened to these eyes when I reached 40…) and if you see one please let me know; it will not hurt my feelings although not telling me would. I’m active on facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest on a daily basis. I love all types of products to review, including, but not limited to, kitchen appliances, beauty products, fashion products, organic products and products for pets and children.

I live to laugh, I laugh to live.

I am an avid coffee drinker and a serious Starbucks fan! I take LOTS of coffee breaks especially when I am watching any of my five grand-children. Where oh where do they get their energy?!
I am a nurse by profession but due to failed back surgery I had to retire early from my profession. I am currently a full time SAHG’M.
F U L L – T I M E.
28 hours a day. Wait! Make that 30 hours a day.

I am a Child of God, saved by Grace.

The site: Terri’s Little Haven…

I started out with mylittleport(.)com but I got tired of the name after several years so I bought this domain name and have had it since. Terri’s Little Haven. Sounds delightful! My site has been tested with FireFox, RockMelt, Safari, and Google Chrome browsers.

That is the office manager role, of my entire nursing career, coming out in me. Please be nice while you browse and I will shower you with hugs and kisses. I’ll even keep the coffee pot going.


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