Floating Glass Locket Necklace Giveaway #TinseledTokens

Brought to you by Tinseled Tokens and Terri’s Little Haven.

I have always loved lockets and giving them as gifts to young ladies has always seemed like a good idea. I will always remember the ones I had as a young girl. I kept secretive things in mine because you couldn’t see what was in them with the way they were designed back in my day. As I got older, I’d keep photos in my locket necklaces. And now, I still wear locket necklaces although my ideas of what to put in them have varied over the years. I’ve even been known to make charms. Every time I go to the fair I head for the booths that have charms for my lockets. Some of my favorite ones I’ve ordered online. Locket necklaces are the perfect gift for any one and for any occasion.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of being selected to review and give away to one of my readers, a Tinseled Tokens Floating Locket Necklace. After I tell you a little about it, you can enter for a chance to win one for yourself. Thanks to Tinseled Tokens for sponsoring the giveaway. If you are not a jewelry kind of gal, be sure to enter for a chance to win this for someone who is a jewelry kind of gal. It’s never too early to start on Christmas (great stocking stuffers).

Tinseled Tokens Floating Locket Necklace

The lockets and the necklace are silver in color and the necklace is what I call a snake chain. It feels smooth to the touch and is a generous 18 inches long. The locket opens wide and can hold quite a few charms. Mine came with charms but the giveaway winners locket necklace will not. I just wanted to point that out. There are charms available on Amazon.

Tinseled Tokens Floating Glass Locket Necklace

The locket snaps shut magnetically and is large enough to hold quite a few charms. I already had the charms photographed below but I just wanted you to see that it can hold these plus several more. You can customize your locket to each individual that you buy one for (you’ll want one too). Like I said, I buy charms when I find ones that I really like & that have a personalized meaning behind them.

Again, the necklace is 18 inches long which is a really nice length for a necklace.

The clasp is a lobster clasp so you don’t have to worry about losing your necklace. It’s a quality made necklace as well as a quality made locket. Anyone would be proud to own one.

If you live in the US and are 18 plus (please remember that the charms are not included), you can use the giveaway form below to enter. Thank you for participating and good luck.

Tinseled Tokens Floating Locket Necklace

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Framesi Color Lover Giveaway Shampoo & Conditioner #beautycarechoices

Brought to you by BeautyCareChoices and Terri’s Little Haven.

If you color your hair or know someone who does, be sure to continue reading and enter my giveaway for a chance to win Framesi color lover shampoo and Framesi color lover conditioner.

I tried the Framesi shampoo and conditioner for the first time, on the day that it arrived. I used it yesterday on Alyssa while she was here so I could give a demonstration to some friends who also color their hair, and her hair smelled so good all day. I love products that not only work, but also provide uplifting scents as well. Alyssa’s hair was so bouncy after shampooing it that she kept flipping it over her shoulder. Everyone was commenting on the shine, the bounce, and the heavenly scent and wanted to know everything there was to know about the shampoo & conditioner and the company.

The Framesi shampoo is white in color and feels luxurious while I’m washing my hair. It lathers up with very little use. I use a little larger than a quarter size amount on my hair after I wet it and that’s all it takes to have clean, wonderful smelling hair. Because Alyssa’s hair is so long, I used a larger amount, but not much larger. One of the perks of this shampoo is that it provides volume and lift to thin, limp hair.

Framesi Color Lover Volume Boost Shampoo & Conditioner

Framesi Color Lover Volume Boost Shampoo & Conditioner


The conditioner is white-ish gray in color and does not leave my hair feeling oily like some conditioners do. I love the pump that comes with this conditioner. Not having to open the lid to use it is really convenient. It smells just as good as the shampoo and I have to confess that I love the smell so much that I have been using the conditioner to shave my legs. My legs feel smooth and silky soft after shaving. I always use conditioner to shave with. I don’t know why. I just do.


The shampoo and the conditioner retail for $19.89 (16.9 oz) each and can be purchased by clicking on the above links. If you would like the chance to try to win a retail size of 16.9 oz of both the shampoo and conditioner, use the following giveaway form. No mandatory entries, just do the ones you want to. Do not claim the ones you didn’t do please :). US 18+ to enter.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Sports Unlimited Stadium Chair Giveaway

Brought to you by Sports Unlimited Inc and Terri’s Little Haven.

Calling all sports fans, here is a chance to enter to win one of the most comfortable stadium chairs I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in.

Last season I had to miss quite a few games due to my back pain. Have you ever tried to sit on the bleachers with a back pain? It just can’t be done. This year, I’m prepared with my new stadium chair from sportsunlimitedinc.com. I selected a maroon cover for both the bottom and back of the chair because that is the prominent color in our schools colors (and because it is a darker color so I don’t have to worry about dirt showing up). My mom and dad raised the pickiest set of daughters you could ever meet. We like to keep everything tidy and clean. With this in mind, I like to use and purchase products that are easy to keep clean so they look new, even long after they are. Luckily, my stadium chair is made with a durable cover that I’ve been able to keep clean with a little soap and water. I had to wash little fingerprints off of it the day it arrived. The kids had it out and sitting on it before I realized what they were doing (after eating pizza, need I say more?…). One big plus to this chair is that the cover is fade and mildew resistant. Rainy night games, here we come.

stadium chair

My chair arrived in record time. I think they flew it here themselves, it arrived that fast, lol. Don’t you just love companies that provide fast shipping? I wanted mine to arrive before our first home game and I didn’t have to worry, it came weeks before that date. In fact, it’s still weeks before that date.


The chair comes folded with the bottom cover already on. I did have to slide the back cover on and add two screws to secure the cover which was super easy. Trust me, if I could do it myself, anyone can. I got out our handy dandy (and only power tool I know how to use) electric screwdriver in case it was to hard to push through the cover with my regular screwdriver. It wasn’t so I didn’t need the electric screwdriver and viola, my seat was ready in less than a minute.

Product Reviews 280

Product Reviews 283

Product Reviews 282

See how well constructed the bottom of the chair is (and how well it folds up for easy storage)? Not only can you sit the chair on a flat surface, it can be secured to the bottom of the bleacher as well, so if I get excited and jump up, it’s not going to tumble over and fall off the stands. It is designed to fit all wood or metal bleachers, new or old designs.

Product Reviews 285

Product Reviews 287

Product Reviews 289

Pillows welcome (per Abby lol).

Product Reviews 290

Check out all of the amazing features this chair provides in my below screenshot.


NOW… if you would like the wonderful opportunity to enter for a chance to win one of your own Stadium Chairs in your color choices or if you would like to go ahead and purchase one (two toned chairs available), click here to read all about this chair and I’m sure you’ll discover you can’t live without one.

Make sure that after you do that, to come back here to enter the giveaway using the easy and convenient giveaway form below.

Thank you and good luck. US 18+ to enter.

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My new Butterfly Bag by Maggie Bags + #Giveaway #backtoschool

Brought to you by Maggie Bags and Terri’s Little Haven.

School is starting back across the nation and one of the concerns that usually enters my mind is… college students. If you’ve been to college or are currently enrolled in college, I’m sure you know how annoying it is to have to carry large books, tablets, paper, and everything else you can imagine, depending on the area of study. I had to take all of my nursing equipment plus all of my text books, drug books and reference books. I didn’t have anything cute & large enough to carry everything at once. I didn’t even have anything ugly and large enough to take everything with me. I had to run (literally) out to my car between classes, and pray I made it the next class on time. Sometimes I made it, sometimes I slid in without a second to spare.

I’m sure everyone knows someone in college or you might even have a child in college yourself. I wanted to work in collaboration with Maggie Bags to give one of you the chance to win a Maggie Bags Butterfly Bag that will hold just about anything a college student would need to put in it so they don’t have to make multiple trips to their car in between classes. Now don’t get me wrong, this bag is not specifically for college students, it can be used any which way you decide to use it, if you’d rather keep it for yourself; diaper bag, beach bag, workout bag, or even as a large stylish handbag, which is what I will use mine for the majority of the time. It’s a very versatile bag and is one of my favorite Maggie Bags because of it’s versatility. It would even make a great bag for teachers to keep all of their work and activities in (you could throw away those ugly briefcases, lol).

Maggie Bags Butterfly Bag in Tropical

It was really hard making the decision of which Butterfly Bag I wanted because all of the colors are gorgeous, however, I decided on the Maggie Bags Butterfly Bag in Tropical Combo. I love pink and lime green and I’m sure I made the perfect choice for me. I can use it so many different ways and I have quite a few outfits that will blend in well with it when I use it at a handbag. I think I have everything except the kitchen sink in my handbags and they just aren’t big enough to suit me. Maggie Bags Butterfly Bag is nice and roomy and I can zip it up and go without worrying about having to leave anything behind. I love the top zipper so I can keep everything hidden inside.

Maggie Bags Butterfly Bag in Tropical

Maggie Bags uses rejected seat belts as their material so you know they will last a lifetime due to the durability the seatbelt strips provides. They take the seatbelts that do not meet government standards for automobiles and thus are keeping them out of the landfills and are instead, helping to keep our environment clutter free.

Things I love about the Butterfly Bag?

I love the longer strap length. I can wear it over my shoulder without it rubbing against my underarm. I have plenty of room to open my bag all the way to either remove products or add products in it. Short straps tend to rub my deodorant off of my underarm when I’m trying to open it without sitting it down. I really hate getting deodorant on my handbags.

Product Reviews 170

The bags come in a protective plastic covering which I think is a nice touch. It arrives safe and dirt free.

Product Reviews 157

Each Maggie Bags Butterfly Bags has the brand logo attached.

Product Reviews 158

A closer image of the brand/logo…

Product Reviews 159

The bottom is one of my favorite features. Due to the 4 little metal feet, I can sit it anywhere without having to worry about getting it dirty.

Product Reviews 160

This is one of the outside pockets. The outside pockets have hidden zippered pouches for storing whatever you need to keep out of prying eyes; money, credit cards, etc.

Product Reviews 161

There is a nice roomy pocket on the inside on one side of the bag. Note the popular purple lining covering the inside of the Butterfly Bag.

Product Reviews 162

A zippered compartment inside on the back side of the bag.

Product Reviews 163

Handy little pockets to put your pens, sunglasses and phone (or whatever else you want to use the pockets for).

Product Reviews 164

A better view of the open pockets.

Product Reviews 165

Each bag varies slightly in size due to the different sizes of the seatbelt webbing, but regardless, you will get a nice large & roomy Butterfly Bag.

Product Reviews 166

Product Reviews 167

I participated in a Maggie Bags blogger contest earlier in the year which I won thanks to all of you who purchased a Maggie Bags, bag, or accessories, using my promo code. I’m including another promo code (no contest this time but I suggest taking advantage of this generous savings code) for 20% savings on any purchase (except clearance items and bundle & save categories) you make at Maggie Bags. Now would be a great time to start working on Christmas gifts. Use promo code: TERRI20 when checking out.

Product Reviews 168


I encourage each of you to follow Maggie Bags on all of their social media sites so you can stay updated on promotions.

Social Media Links:


Subscribe to Maggie Bags E-mails: http://www.maggiebags.net/newsletter/

US 18+ to enter. Void where prohibited.

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Fairy Tales Lice Good-Bye® Survival Kit Giveaway #backtoschool

This post is brought to you by fairytaleshaircare.com and Terri’s Little Haven.

It’s that time of year again when school is in session and lice outbreaks occur. I often hear parents state that their children couldn’t possibly end up with lice because they are kept clean. Lice don’t care how clean your child is or how clean your house is. In fact, I think they prefer it. I used to think the same thing until my child got lice from a school mate and before I realized it, we all had head lice. They multiply that fast. I took the kids to Walmart and purchased rid lice kits and I had to treat everyone as well as all of our furniture, the beds, the carpet and even the interior of the car. It wasn’t until after the fact that I looked at the ingredients *cringes*.

That was a wake up call for me and now that my grands are in school, I keep Fairy Tales Lice Good-Bye® Survival Kits on hand. Kids are going to get lice at some point and time and it’s better to be prepared than to think that it couldn’t happen to your kids. I’ve already proven differently. I don’t know many individuals that have a cleaner home than I do. I clean almost compulsively. And again, I do think lice prefers a clean environment although I can’t ask them to prove that theory lol. Actually I wouldn’t want to get close enough to one again, to ask them.

Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales

There are a few noteworthy things to mention about the Fairy Tales Lice Good-Bye® Survival Kit.

It’s pesticide-free!
It’s clinically proven to work!
It removes lice & nits!
It’s safe to use over and over again!
It has everything you need for a lice emergency!

Fairy Tales lice survival kit Giveaway

Now I don’t know about you, but I’d rather use natural products to remove lice and nits, because everything we put on our skin absorbs into our system. I’ve read the ingredients on other lice removers and it’s scary to think about those ingredients. You don’t have to worry about that with Fairy Tales products. You can even purchase Fairy Tales, Rosemary Repel® products (everything from shampoo to hairspray) so you won’t have to worry about your child getting lice.

Fairy Tales has graciously agreed to supply 1 of Terri’s Little Haven’s readers a full size Lice Good-Bye® Survival Kit which includes 4 oz. lice good bye, terminator nit-free comb, 4 oz. rosemary repel conditioning spray, easy grip hair clip and step-by-step instructions. I imagine some of you will want to go ahead and purchase the lice survival kit but be sure to enter the giveaway as well. You can never be prepared enough when it comes to lice.

You must live in the US and be 18+ to enter. Void where prohibited.

Connect with Fairy Tales on Facebook and Twitter.

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