How Should You Choose a New Range For Your Kitchen?

The range you have in your kitchen has an impact on your overall lifestyle. Your kitchen range is arguably one of the most important appliances you choose. It’s functional and depending on how often you cook, it may be something you use every day or even several times a day.

A range is also part of your décor. Nothing makes a kitchen look quite as great as a sleek, high-end range serving as the focal point.

So, if it’s time to replace yours, you might be wondering with all the available choices, how do you pick the right one?

Different Types

Before starting your search, you should know at least the basics of the various kinds of ranges. For example, you may have to have an electric range because you don’t have gas, however, if you do have an available gas line to your kitchen, many people prefer this option because it offers constant heat. There are also dual fuel options, which combine elements of both gas and electric heating.

Another more specific option is the induction range, which is designed to make cooking and boiling times faster.

Freestanding or Slide-In?

Another significant categorical distinction to keep in mind as you’re shopping for kitchen appliances including a kitchen range is whether or not you require something slides in or is freestanding. A freestanding range will have sides that are finished in most cases, and the knobs and controls are located in a backsplash-like setting.

A slide-in range won’t typically have finished sides, although a lot of contractors, designers, and homeowners prefer this option because they have a wider top that goes over kitchen countertops, which gives them a built-in, custom look. Also, these options don’t have a backsplash, which can be good if you want a seamless backsplash throughout your kitchen.


While you want your new range to look great, you also want it to work for your lifestyle, and a big consideration here is the capacity. If you only typically cook small meals for yourself or your immediate family, capacity isn’t likely to be a huge concern, and you can go with something a little smaller that’s also likely to be somewhat less expensive.

On the other hand, if you frequently entertain, you might need something with more cubic feet, and the largest options on the market are almost four cubic feet in most cases.

Special Features

Once you’ve decided on the basics, it starts to get fun. Ranges have so many bells and whistles that are available these days, or if you’re budget-conscious, you can still get a great model at a low cost.

If you want something more, you can consider additional features such as dehydration settings for making things like jerky and dried fruits and vegetables, warming drawers, and automatic shut-off features to avoid burning.

What you choose here is really up to your preferences and your needs.

Shopping for a range can be a costly endeavor, but if you do your research ahead of time and know what you need as well as you don’t, it will make for a more seamless buying experience.


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Bamboo Cutting Board by Leading Gourmet #leading gourmet

This post is brought to you by Leading Gourmet and Our Little Haven.

I have to admit, as much as I love to cook, I have never owned a good cutting board until recently! I found a cheap plastic one years ago at the dollar store and had always just used it. I always envied walking into someone else’s kitchen and seeing a nice wooden cutting board, but that is something I never thought about purchasing for myself. Well now, I get to be envied with my beautifully crafted 100% bamboo cutting board by Leading Gourmet. It’s an all natural, non-porous, microbial free alternative to the plastic and glass cutting boards that can harbor bacteria and dull your good knives. Bamboo is durable, versatile, lightweight and so beautiful!


Why choose the Leading Gourmet bamboo cutting board?
• Bamboo absorbs very little moisture and consequently does not shrink or swell making it a superior choice
• Bamboo products lessen the stress on the world’s forests and are a self-regenerating natural resource
• In terms of strength, they are about 16% harder than maple wood, lighter than regular wood
• It’s harder to scar a bamboo board with a knife, yet soft enough not to cause damage or make your knives blunt, making it the perfect work surface to chop & slice on
• Leading Gourmet cutting boards have been designed with non-slip silicone edges, ensuring that they do not move around on your granite kitchen counter tops
• Some bamboo cutting boards are glued together with adhesives that have formaldehyde in them, which could eventually leak into and contaminate food. This is NOT the case with Leading Gourmet, who ensures a non-toxic product
•Available in two color variants of the silicone edges, teal green and dark blue, so you can easily match it to your kitchen and household color scheme
• The boards are large and measure approximately 11.5″ x 15.7″ and comes with a built in handle for hanging


Cleaning my bamboo cutting board is as easy as washing with a gentle dish soap and warm water. You should never soak a bamboo board in water and never put one in the dishwasher. They come treated with a light mineral oil and will require a regular coating of the oil to keep them in tip top condition. I love how this bamboo board remains in place and will not slip around on the countertop like my old plastic one did. Don’t wait around like I did, toss that old plastic cutting board and head on over to purchase your Leading Gourmet Bamboo Cutting Board today and while you are there use this coupon code: GOURMET2 to receive 15% off!

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Got Me Tipsy…Humorous Wine Glass & Coffee Mug #GotMeTipsy

This post is brought to you by Got Me Tipsy and Our Little Haven.

So…one of my Besties is turning the big 50 next week and I have been on the prowl for some fun, humorous gifts to surprise her with! Her party is in 4 more days and I cannot wait!!! I just love “Over the Hill” parties, although I will have to wait until next year for mine!! Oh snap, I just revealed my true age! I know we are going to have a blast and I’m certain there will be gag gifts galore, but I wanted to give her something functional, yet at the same time, a funny reminder of her amazing milestone!



My choice? I have two actually, so first up….a “Go Away” funny coffee mug! She is the manager at a local store here in town and although she is married, she is very married to her job. She gets there around 4 am each morning and works at least 12 hours each day. The girl needs her coffee, no doubt, but she doesn’t need to deal with anything before she is ready to start her day! This cup is perfect! It has 3 markings… Go Away, Not Yet and How Can I Help You! This could not be more suitable for a person dealing with the general public on a daily basis!


Second choice…This one is for her down time, when she finally gets to relax away from her job with an awesome glass of wine. “What Night?” funny wine glass! This also has 3 markings… What Night, Great Night and Good Night. Anyone who loves a great glass of wine can relate to when you’ve reached each of these stages! This will be the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long hectic day at work.


These are going to both make perfectly funny gifts for my bestie, although they would be great gifts for any man or woman for any occasion!! The imprinted text on both are guaranteed to last and they are both dishwasher safe. You can find the “Go Away” Funny Coffee Mug  and the “What Night” Funny Wine Glass both on Amazon with free Prime shipping!

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