Holiday Shoppers Gift Guide, 2013

I love the holidays, probably more than most, and I’m happy to say I’ve already completed my Christmas shopping for 2013. This was no easy feat because our family is huge. I wanted to get something for everyone. And then there are the ladies in our ladies auxiliary I wanted to buy for. I had to buy for the parties we have been invited to and are hosting and for those in our church. I love giving unique gifts and I’ve had a blast shopping my little head off.

I try to have my shopping completed before Halloween because I don’t like the holiday rush and because I love the other aspects of the holidays more; cooking, baking, viewing Christmas decorations, parties and family gatherings. I have some wonderful Christmas memories and I’m trying to instill holiday traditions in the kids at an early age. I don’t want them to think the holidays are all about shopping even though they did write to Santa this summer lol.

During my online holiday shopping, I’ve come across quite a few nice products that I wanted to add to my holiday shoppers gift guide, 2013. I’ll be adding the products to my list up until Christmas so be sure to stop back in for your gift giving ideas this year. I’ve already started some pages to get you in the Christmas spirit.

All of my shopping suggestion categories will be linked to this page (a work in progress) to make it easy for you. During my HSGG event, I will post a review about each product I’m featuring as well as post a giveaway so each of you will have an opportunity to win each item. Mark your calendars so you don’t miss out. Tentative dates are November 5th through December 5th.

Happy shopping.

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