Home Luxuries That Are Worth The Investment

Photo Source: Flickr
Photo Source: Flickr

If you had the money to spend, what kind of luxuries would you buy for your home? It’s something everyone thinks about, I’m sure, but when you are running a tight budget, it can be hard to justify investing in luxuries. They are expensive, and you might not feel like they are worth the money.

Well, if this sounds like you, read on. I’m going to go through several luxurious home upgrades that are totally worth the money. And, if you are struggling to justify the spend, I’ll give you all the excuses that you need! Let’s get started with some of the upgrades that can add value to your home. And, of course, that will contribute to a happier home.

New bathroom

Fed up with your dingy-looking bathroom but don’t feel like you can spend on an upgrade? Think again! The bathroom is one of the first areas that prospective buyers will look at when they have a viewing. Most realtors will suggest that you keep your bathroom looking as fresh as possible as it can increase your home’s value. That makes a bathroom upgrade more of an investment than a cost. So, if you think you might sell up at some point in the next few years, a bathroom upgrade will add value to your selling price.

Kitchen revamp

The kitchen area is the central hub of many a home, which makes it another key selling point if you are planning to move out. It needs to look fresh, super clean, and modern to get the best price, so don’t feel guilty about investment in a revamp. You don’t have to spend a fortune, either, but if your kitchen is looking outdated, make sure you invest a little in an upgrade.

New boiler and heating system

How is your heating system treating you these days? It’s been a long and cold winter, so the chances are you have been pumping out the heat – and you will notice when you get your next utility bill! If you want to start saving money, think about investing in a newer heating system. Modern central heating is far more efficient than older boiler systems. That means your heating bill will enjoy a reduction, and you should expect to pay back your investment within five years.

Photo Source: Flickr
Photo Source: Flickr

Solar panels

If you want to make a difference in your energy bills, think about investing in solar power. A few panels on your roof can be expensive, of course. But, not only will they save you a lot of money on your electricity bills, but you might even get paid for it, too! If your panels collect more energy than you use, the utility companies will pay you to take it away and put it back into the grid. If you are fed up with rip-off energy companies, there has never been a better time to get your own back!

Build our own gym

There are a few luxuries that can help you save your health, as well as boost your wallet. So, if you are determined to stay fit and healthy, why not think about investing in a home gym? You can transform a spare room, basement, or a garage into a gym, adding a few pieces here and there as time goes by. It’s the perfect solution if you are a busy person, and it will save you on an expensive gym membership and travel costs. Read this guide to see how it’s done – lifehacker.com.

A cross trainer

Don’t have space for a full-sized gym? Then why not think about buying a cross trainer? You can put it in front of your TV and work out while you catch up on the news or your favorite TV show. Cross trainers are great for weight loss, cardio, and can improve your strength, too. And, you won’t have to pay for expensive gym membership ever again, of course!

Invest in a jacuzzi

For most people, a Jacuzzi – indoor or out – is a luxury that is hard to justify. But, when you consider the numerous health benefits, maybe you will think again! Hot tubs are cheaper than you might think, too. Head over to this guide at hottubadvice.com to see some examples. They are great for reducing stress – one of the biggest dangers to health in the modern day. And, they can also help ease muscle pain, boost your circulation, and help you relax after a long hard day at work.

Air purifier

Another major concern of modern life is the poor air quality in our major cities. There is plenty of research showing how air pollution is a silent killer, due to industrial debris and car fumes. And, it can be hard to avoid this nasty pollution, even when you are inside your home. If you live in a busy city, think about investing in an air purifier for your home. You will enjoy cleaner air, and it should help stop your coughs, sneezes and breathing problems.

A feng shui consultation

Now, whether or not you believe in the powers of feng shui, it can have a real effect on your home. The main benefit is that it helps you organize your home in a better way, and helps you feel a lot more relaxed when you are in the home. It will bring order to your home, and you will also learn about the advantages of indoor plants, better positioning of furniture, and much more. I won’t claim that it will help the ‘energy’ of your home – but it will help you relax a lot more. And that can reduce your stress and make you feel at peace as soon as you come home after a long day at work.

OK, so there you have it – some great ideas for home upgrades that can be fantastic value. Whether you are looking to increase the value of your home or embrace a healthier lifestyle, there is plenty here to consider. Yes, they will all cost you some money – but it’s hard to deny that these luxuries are an investment, rather than a cost. So, if you are thinking of ways to justify the expense, I hope I’ve given you plenty of ammunition! Happy upgrading!

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