Summer Trips and Car Sunshades

2 Pack of Beautiful Car Sunshades including a FREE bonus bag

Brought to you by Terri’s Little Haven and Jomolly.

Spring is in the air and that means it won’t be long before the kids are out of school for their quarterly break. The kids around here go to school year round and their breaks are often earlier than other schools. We live in a town that’s pretty much boring when it comes to things to do for the kids, so we travel quite a bit in the summer months. This year, I decided I was going to get some car sunshades for the kids before they ever had time to complain about the sun coming in the car from our super warm summers.

There’s a couple of reasons I chose the 2 Pack Car Sunshades from Jomolly over other brands. The first was because it comes with a storing pack that I can store and keep the sunshades in. I can be a neat freak at times and I like for everything to have it’s own place. Being able to store the shades in a small pouch means I have more room to store other things.

2 Pack of Beautiful Car Sunshades including a FREE bonus bag

Another reason I selected these particular car sunshades is because they are quality made. We like products that last, don’t we? But more importantly, the quality made fabric sunshades help protect those little eyes that I love so much. Included are 4 suction cups and that keeps the shades in place. Where I place them, they stay.

2 Pack of Beautiful Car Sunshades including a FREE bonus bag

And of course the other reason I selected these particular car shades is because they are not gender specific. I have a mixed “litter” of girls and boys and I generally can’t buy something for the girls or for the boys. It has to be for both.

2 Pack of Beautiful Car Sunshades including a FREE bonus bag

I’m pretty pleased with my selection and I’m that much closer to being ready for our first road trip. Click on my Amazon link to get your own 2 Pack of Beautiful Car Sunshades including a FREE bonus bag.

This post was brought to you by Terri’s Little Haven and Jomolly. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Voice Remedy And Cold Remedy, 12 hour relief


Brought to you by Sprouts and Terri’s Little Haven.

I recently had the opportunity to try Sprouts Voice Remedy And Cold Remedy and they couldn’t have come at a better time. I had a cold and I was hoarse (from coughing I’m assuming) and I was miserable. For whatever reason, since November, I’ve been fighting one illness after another starting with the flu/bronchitis/pneumonia. Last year was the first time I did not get a flu shot and that will never happen again. I’ll be in line for both the flu and pneumonia shots as I also ended up with pneumonia. After getting over both of these, like I mentioned, I had a cold. I needed something that would prevent me from ending up with bronchitis or pneumonia again.

I do want to say that my neighbor caught pneumonia as well and she passed away at her home. I’ve been freaked out about getting sick since then. So again, these products couldn’t have come at a better time. I tried the both products at the same time and after reading that I only needed to take it every 12 hours as needed, that’s what I did. I did not eat the first time I tried the products but made it a point to after that as well as to drink plenty of fluids. It’s recommended by the company and I somehow overlooked the instructions. I can be a dork sometimes.

Both of the products are “green” using herbal ingredients. The voice remedy is lighter in color than the cold remedy but they pretty much taste the same to me. I’m not sure what exactly the taste is because it taste a little like rosemary but I didn’t see that in the ingredients. It’s a pleasant taste unlike some herbal supplements I’ve tried in the past.

The only thing I think could make these products better would be to provide a dropper that marks where 1 ml is because I have to count out the drops each time. That’s nothing major but I did want to point it out. It will not prevent me from using and buying these products again in the future.

It did not take long before I was feeling myself again as you can probably tell from the simple fact that I’m online 90% more than I’ve been of late. I have plenty of the remedies leftover which is a good thing because I woke up with a bit of a cought this am and I took the cold remedy right away. I’m beginning to think I’m allergic to the pine wood in my new home. I’m basing that on the fact that I’m allergic to pine trees. Anyhow, that’s off topic but I wanted to mention it because the products are helping with this problem.

I give both of the Voice Remedy and Cold Remedy a 5/5 star rating based on the performance and quick relief.

This post was brought to you by Terri’s Little Haven and Sprouts. All opinions are 100% mine.

Edgy Wine Foil Cutter & Gift Box

Edgy Wine Foil Cutter & Gift Box

Brought to you by Terri’s Little Haven and Edgy.

I love discovering new products and especially when they are useful products. I’m always on the lookout for products that are handy and will also make great gifts. I’ve found both in my new Edgy Wine Foil Cutter & Gift Box. I’ve always thought it would be fun to host a wine tasting party which hasn’t happened yet but when I’m hosting a party or a dinner for friends or family members, I serve wine. If I ever do host a wine tasting party, I do not want to be the one to hand cut all of the foil on the wine bottles. I despise trying to cut the foil on a bottle of wine which is why the Edgy Wine Foil Cutter & Gift Box really caught my interest. Something useful and something that would make a unique gift for others.

After pondering over the fact that this could or could not be useful, it only took seconds to decide that I was ready to give the Edgy Wine Foil Cutter a try… It comes in a cute little gift box. My photo is not the best but trust me, it’s cute and looks better than my image.

Edgy Wine Foil Cutter & Gift Box

Company’s image… they did a much better job of photographing the box.

Edgy Wine Foil Cutter & Gift Box

My new Edgy Wine Foil Cutter is red and easy to spot when I throw it in my “anything & everything goes” kitchen drawer. In it goes, out it comes. I’ve discarded the box but only because I have super limited space in my kitchen.

hosting a wine tasting party

It’s super easy to use even with arthritis in my hands and fingers. They ache like crazy but I don’t notice any pain while using my wine foil cutter.

Edgy Foil Wine Cutter

Bottom of the foil cutter… notice the four cutting devices which only use a quarter-turn of your wrist to work.

Edgy Wine Foil Cutter

Top shot.

Edgy Wine Foil Cutter

How’s that for function and convenience? What would you use your Wine Foil Cutter for? Parties? Wine tasting events? Family or friend gatherings?

This post was brought to you by Terri’s Little Haven and Edgy. All opinions are 100% mine.

Spring Fever = Air Detox


I’ve got spring fever even though our weather went from 20 to 80 in a matter of days.  I kid you not.  We’ve been running the AC and just like last year, it appears that we aren’t going to be able to enjoy spring.   Spring is the time to detox the air and I’ve been doing that buy buying new plants for indoors.  I try to buy a new one each week that will help with air purification. I’ve been over watering my aloe so I have to start over with those plants. If you aren’t sure what plants to purchase to detox the air in your home, this guide will help. The 10 plants mentioned are the ones I’ve been working on purchasing for my own home here at Terri’s Little Haven. I’m going to skip a couple of them that I don’t really like.

I also decided it was time to plant outdoors. I live in a country store turned shabby chic home and I don’t have a lawn. I have a concrete patio/sidewalk. I live downtown in an attached apartment so I have to basically go up with my planting instead of out. I purchased a shoe holder and did just that to achieve a vertical garden for some colorful flowers to attract the hummingbirds and butterflies. I hope the plants will grow like I want them to (so far so good) but if not, I’ll try something different next year.

What do you do when spring fever strikes? Do you do your spring cleaning, detox your indoor air, plant flowers?….