Weeknights in Georgia with Manwich

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Lucky us, we've had a fun couple of weeks trying three different types of Manwich and the kids think I'm the best cook in the world now, lol.  We've always enjoyed Manwich when we need a quick and nutritious meal.  I can fool the kids everytime by sneaking in veggies in my tangy and delicious Manwich sauce.  I add small diced carrots, peas and I've even been known to add corn and diced zucchini. 

 photo a40aeb3f-0048-4f72-a5a2-2f62746bc9ec_zps05d34a9a.png

I don't mind serving the kids Manwich plain but adding variety to it means I can cook it more often.  When I realized there are 3 different types of Manwich, I went a little crazy for these sloppy good meals.

First there is BOLD.  Get two hands ready for this delicious flavor.  You're going to want to pile on the goods. It's tangy and lively and gives a great new twist to America's favorite Sloppy Joe brand. 

I can't exclude Original Manwich because it's been my Easy Weeknight Meals option for a decade.  My mom served it to us after a hectic day at work, and I followed along in her footsteps doing the same in my own home. Now, my kids serve it at their own home.  So, you see, we consider Manwich a personal family friend who has been invited to our meals forever and then some.

Next up is Manwich Thick & Chunky.  It's such a nice rich tangy sauce.  Everything you'd expect from Manwich, and more.

My Manwich challenge for you is to pick up each of the three varieties, make them for your family, and come back and let me know which one was your favorite.   For easy and delicious Manwich Recipes visit Manwich. Happy eating.





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Back to school memories

I have a lot of back to school memories that I cherish and some that I don’t. Those dreadful embarrassing moments we all wish we could forget when we were children.

I’ll start with my “dreadful” memory and get it out of the way and out of my mind for the day. I was starting a new school, high school, and it was my first day. I made sure my makeup was perfect, or as perfect as I thought it was. Looking back over my old high school photos of my big hair and dark eye shadow, it’s pretty safe to say that neither my hair nor my makeup were perfect. I don’t remember what my shirt said but I remember that it was white with some writing on it. I also had on some jeans and back then the super high waist jeans were “IT”… The first person that spoke to me was a really handsome guy. He smelled so good as he leaned in to whisper in my ear “you have a big booger hanging out of your nose”… SMH. The good news is that he and I became the best of friends and most of my school memories center around him.

back to school memories

My new handsome friend that always smelled so good I just wanted to lean in closer to smell him (I wish I knew what cologne he wore but I don’t think I ever asked him) and I went shopping together every weekend. He had way better style than I did and we often fought over the same guys of which neither of us managed to actually date. He taught me how to cook and I’d spend hours listening to him play the piano and to date I’ve yet to hear anyone that could match him on the piano. I got a really bad hair cut one time that was so uneven it made him furious. He drug me back to the salon and demanded they fix my hair. He told them how to fix it and stood over them like the incredible hulk, daring them to mess it up again, although he didn’t weigh much more than I did. He was a force to be reckoned with when he was protecting his friend.

I’m glad I have the good and the bad memories of him and all of our adventures at school and outside of school, and I’m sure you can guess that my booger was only the beginning of my embarrassing memories. He passed away right after high school and I was devastated to lose him. He impacted my life in so many ways and is still doing that even from the grave. When he found out that he was going to die, he bought his own casket, paid for his own funeral, even bought and selected the flowers he wanted on his grave. It takes a really strong person to be able to plan your own funeral at such a young age. He was my strength and I miss that and him. But, I have the memories and I know he is waiting for me at heavens gate for the time when we will be together again. I’m sure the first thing he will tell me how much he hates my latest hairstyle. :)

Thank you for reading day 2: back to school memories at The Sits Girls. Please feel free to share any memorable back to school memories you have, in the below comment section.

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Fall Bucket List in Georgia

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons and it’s the time of year when I can get outdoors with my camera again. It gets so hot during the later part of summer that I try to stay indoors where it’s cool. I’m new to this area and I’m trying to get an amateur photography meetup started to meet and find others who love to take photos, so we can go on outings for that purpose. Hopefully Callaway Gardens will be first on the list of places to go. I love to take nature photos before everything quits blooming and photos of landscapes and scenes. To me, fall starts with photo outings. I am participating in The SITS Girls’ Back to Blogging Challenge all week long, and when I read today’s Bucket List fall challenge, it got me excited all over again about fall and all of the things I plan to do before those cold and dreary winter months creep up on us.

Taking photos is not the only thing on my Fall Bucket List. Fall just wouldn’t be fall without baking. I try just about every recipe I can find for new dishes to include in our holiday meals. I love making my traditional family dishes but I always like to add something new to the table. Getting together for the holidays is a time for all of us to catch up with each other so I want to have my recipes perfected for those special occasions. If you pop in at my house during the fall months, you’re going to have to sample everything I bake. Just saying :). From full course meals, to casseroles to sweet treats.

Fall also means fairs and festivals here in Georgia. I guess I’ll never grow up when it comes to the fair because I’m worse than the kids about counting down the days when the state and local fairs are scheduled. I love to eat apple dumplings and cotton candy and I don’t want to miss one single thing that’s going on at the fair grounds. It’s an all day and all night adventure for me and I enjoy everything from shopping, to crafts to the rides. They always have the best entertainment as well. No matter how many times we go to the fair each year, each day is just as exciting as the first one. The state fair is my favorite one.

There are many more activities I plan to do this fall and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Like the first Saturday tours at Andersonville, which go on until December.

Terri's Little Haven

Be sure to bookmark my site and come back soon as I photograph and or video my fall adventures to share with you.

What’s on your Fall Bucket List?

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