Udderly Smooth #Giveaway Holiday Shoppers Gift Guide 2014 #BloggerBuzz

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We love moisturizing cream around here! So much that we reached out to our favorite company to include them in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide because this is a gift that everyone would love to receive! Udderly Smooth is the famous lotion with the black and white cow spots. If you have ever seen it, you will remember the famous packaging, but if you ever try it, then you will become a fan for life! Udderly Smooth has been making products for over 30 years, because once you get something right….you just keep on going with it! Udderly Smooth can be used on Dry Skin, Cracked Skin, for Diabetes Foot Care, as a Facial Moisturizer, as a General Moisturizing Lotion and many other uses.

My gift basket was loaded with such amazing Udderly Smooth products:


Udderly Smooth Hand & Body Lotion: Made with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E, this lotion is a light, daily moisturizer with an amazing fresh beachy fragrance used to restore moisture on your hands, face and body.


Udderly Smooth Foot Cream: Made with Shea Butter, this cream is used to smooth roughness and soften the skin on even extremely dry feet.


Udderly Smooth Body Cream: A heavier, yet non-greasy body cream used for deep moisturizing on dry and cracked skin.

2014-10-28 13_21_23

Udderly Smooth Hand Cream: Home and purse size, this cream is also a non-greasy cream used to deeply moisturize your hands resulting in soft, smoother skin.


Udderly Smooth Vitamin E Cream: Made with Vitamin E, this cream contains moisturizers to smooth roughness and condition the skin.


The People’s Pharmacy Pomegranate natural lip balm for keeping those lips soft and free from chapping.


And last, but not least……an Udderly Smooth cow cap!


My hubby’s hands were always super dry, rough and cracked, sometimes to the point of bleeding. Udderly Smooth has healed his hands and now his hands are so soft and smooth. You would never be able to tell by looking at his hands that he is a farmer who uses those hands constantly outdoors in cold and hot weather! I use Udderly Smooth on my entire body, including my feet and I love the way my skin feels. I am a flip-flop and sandal wearing kind of girl and my feet always look amazing. Udderly Smooth is one of my top choices as a gift set for family and friends as well as the perfect stocking stuffer for your loved ones! No matter what your skin’s specific needs are, Udderly Smooth has got you covered. It’s Udderly Marvelous!

How would you like to own win one of these amazing gift baskets? Entering is easy in the giveaway form below. This contest is open to residents of the US, ages 18+. If you just can’t wait for the contest to end (I can’t blame you) then head on over to Udderly Smooth and start your Christmas shopping early! Connect with Udderly Smooth on Facebook and Twitter.

Udderly Smooth Gift Basket



Johnson & Johnson Vision Care #Sponsored #MC

“I wrote this review while participating in an Influencer campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. and received a promotional item from Mom Central to thank me for participating.”

At the early age of 6, it was discovered that I needed to wear glasses. My dad had to take me to the eye doctor because my mom was working at that time. My parents did not agree on many things and my glasses was one of them. They would have been really popular in this day and time, but back then I stood out like a sore thumb with my blue glasses. My mom made sure to take me to my appointments from that day forward. No more blue glasses for Terri. And no contacts until I was older and less likely to lose them. I’m still clumsy and lose things on a daily basis. That’s just me.

When my son needed glasses, he selected glasses and contacts. Learning to put the contacts in wasn’t as difficult as we were both afraid it would be. After a few tries, he had it mastered. He had to learn how to care for his glasses and especially his contacts since they would be worn directly on his eyes. Brad was always a tidy person so I knew this wouldn’t be difficult for him and I was right. He’s never had any problems wearing his contacts. He washes his hands before use and does everything he is suppose to do. His nurse demonstrated how to properly care for them and how to properly wear them and that was the start of his new contacts usage.

From that first appointment, I made him realize that he should never order contacts from anyone other than his optometrist. Even if he just wanted a pair for cosmetic uses such as for a Halloween party or any other event. We had an understanding between us that if he did not use proper care in handling his contacts, then he was going to have to wait until he was older to try contacts again. He knew how important it was and how strongly I pushed contact lens safety on him and to this date we’ve never had a problem.

It’s not always that easy and when it came time for my daughter to wear contacts, I had to constantly monitor her use of them. She would forget to take them out, to wash them, and she even tried to talk me into getting some cosmetic contacts which I put my foot down about. If you are uncertain of the proper way to use and care for your contact lens, visit Johnson & Johnson and Acuvue for more information.

More resources:

Healthy Vision & Contact Lenses,” a resource with additional tips and information from Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

While it’s pretty simple to remember the do’s and don’ts of contact lens safety precautions, it’s not always easy to remember when we need to replace our contacts. Schedules seem to work when I remember to jot the dates down. Johnson & Johnson Vision Care realizes how busy and forgetful we can be and has provided a contact lens replacement schedule with the ACUMINDER® Tool. This free service sends an automatic reminder via email and/or cell phone text message on when to replace contact lenses, when to order new lenses and when to schedule an eye exam.

“I wrote this review while participating in an Influencer campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. and received a promotional item from Mom Central to thank me for participating.”

Bella and Bear Eye & Mighty Eyelash Curler and Hair She Goes Hair Removal Kit Review

I love getting all dolled up. It makes me feel so amazing when I take the extra time to make sure I look my best! I work from home, so many days I may not even put any makeup on at all, but I always make sure I look and feel great each time I do leave the house. Unfortunately for me, I always had to spend a little extra time applying my makeup because I was not very fortunate in the eyelash department! My eyelashes match my hair (blonde) so if I don’t have mascara on, I almost look like I don’t have any eyelashes at all! Not only are they super light, they are also very short which means I have to put coat after coat of mascara on allowing it time to dry between.

I use the Bella Bear Eye & Mighty Eyelash Curler to curl my eyelashes and this helps them to appear longer and fuller without several coats of mascara. I have tried many dime store curlers, but I never had the results like I have with Bella Bear!

It never pinches and I promise if you have ever pinched your eye after you have applied makeup……it’s not fun or pretty. You can go ahead and count on removing all of your makeup and starting over. It works for all eye shapes, even if yours are deep set like mine! Oh and it also has this amazing ergonomic handle that does not cause my arthritis to act out! The finished result is always perfectly curled eyelashes that look longer, fuller and simply dramatic!

Another of my favorite Bella and Bear products is the Hair She Goes hair removal tool. I absolutely despise having peachy fuzz on the side of my face. I am not a man and therefore, I do not want a fuzzy sidebeard thing going on. Even if it is light and you cannot see it, I always knew it was there and I had to get rid of it one way or another!

The Bella and Bear Hair She Goes hair removal tool takes care of that fuzzy hair and keeps it away for up to 5 full weeks! It’s so easy to use by simply rotating each side up and down and the coil removes the hair easily without any pinching or pulling! This kit also comes with a pair of slanted tweezers that work great for those pesky eyebrow hairs. Follow Bella and Bear on Facebook!


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

#TheSecretSociety Hidden Mystery Games Free App Review

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I’ve been reviewing a fun mobile app that has been updated for Halloween: The Secret Society® – Hidden Mystery Games. I love playing games on my cell and my Kindle and I have to confess that I’m a Farmville fanatic. To find any game that I like equally as well prior to my new review, was quite the challenge. I love a good challenge.

I always thought I’d marry a gamer but alas, I didn’t marry a gamer. However, my kids & grands are gamers and so am I. It’s not uncommon to see us sitting in a restaurant playing games on our cells and other devices. Tyler and Alyssa have their own iPhones (and I’m sure there are those that would argue that they are too young but it’s more for safety reasons than anything), and we all have tablets. We don’t like to leave our devices behind no matter where we go. I suppose you’d have to be a gamer to understand why we don’t leave home without our devices for playing games, but it’s because we are that we’re able to accurately rate this game. We, as a family, are giving it a 5/5 star rating.


Each of us has our favorite traits in the game but we’ll all agree that collecting coins and trying to out do each other is pretty darn cool. I’m losing if you must know. Tyler wins at every game we play. Always! Sometimes I just wish he’d let me win, just because. That’s not going to happen though as he’s very competitive. I do let Alyssa win from time to time just because it does wonders for her ego. One day she’ll see this post and will either be mad or LOL. Knowing her personality, I have a feeling it will be the later.

Back to the game. The one you MUST download and try. The one thing I like about this game besides the fact that it’s entertaining for all ages, is that it rewards players by coming back daily. It’s a great way to earn free coins and no matter how busy we get, we try to log in daily to collect our coins.

 The Secret Society® – Hidden Mystery Games

 The Secret Society® – Hidden Mystery Games

 The Secret Society® – Hidden Mystery Games

 The Secret Society® – Hidden Mystery Games

 The Secret Society® – Hidden Mystery Games

 The Secret Society® – Hidden Mystery Games

 The Secret Society® – Hidden Mystery Games

 The Secret Society® – Hidden Mystery Games

 The Secret Society® – Hidden Mystery Games

I’m not as good as the kids are about finding the hidden objects in the game but I still have a lot of fun trying. With 1500 quests and 225+ сcollections of hidden objects to locate, we will be playing this game for many months to come.

the hidden mysteries

This game is downloadable for multiple devices: Mac, PC, iOS and Android. Be sure to download it and after playing it a time or two, let me know how you like it.

This post was brought to you by Sverve for g5e.com and Terri’s Little Haven.

Candy Club…The Premier Candy of the Month Club Holiday Shoppers Gift Guide 2014 #BloggerBuzz

Brought to you by Candy Club and Terri’s Little Haven,

I love Candy! I don’t imagine I will ever grow out of my love of candy! At least I hope I don’t!  Recently, we attended a birthday party for our cousin’s 1 year old daughter. The theme for her birthday party was “candy” and I felt like I was in Heaven from the moment I walked in. I actually had to remind myself why I was there! Every single table was set up with humongous glass containers filled with candy. I’m talking variety here! There were candies there that I have not seen since I was a child! It didn’t take long for me to get my sugar fix on that day! If you have a sweet tooth like me, you will be excited to learn more about the Candy Club!


Candy Club is a candy of the month club which delivers premier candy right to your door each month! There are several subscriptions to choose from such as 1 month, 6 months or 12 months and seriously I cannot imagine receiving a premier candy box and then just stopping after only one month! The longer the subscription you choose, the more money you can save and that is one amazingly sweeeeet deal!


Each subscription candy box will contain a selection of 2-3 lbs of your favorite candies hand picked from their huge selection (thousands of kinds) of candies! I received my first Candy Club box as part of our Holiday Shoppers Gift Guide 2014. I won’t say if there is any candy left, but thankfully my camera was ready when the box first arrived!

Inside I found Haribo Gummi Techno Bears…..


 and  Sour Power Wild Cherry Belts….


and Gimbal’s Sour Gourmet Jelly Beans…..


and, yes there is more!…. Butterfields Peach Buds….


and of course those adorable blue Splash Salt Water Taffy….


Can you imagine the smile on your friends or family members faces when they open a box from the Candy Club?? Pure sweet heavenly delight I tell ya! I know you are drooling right now, imagine how hard it was for me to leave the lids on for pictures! The Candy Club subscription boxes will make anyone on your Christmas gift list a little happier (and sweeter) this year! Head on over to the Candy Club, take a look at the subscription plans and put a dent in your Christmas gift list!

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