5 dusting tricks to ease your housework

5 dusting tricks to ease your housework

As most of the housewives, you are also probably searching for an efficient way to get rid of the dust, that covers every surface in your house in a blink of an eye. If you want to keep the dust far away from your home, you need a special strategy. Instead of dusting the shelves and surfaces every day, find the sources of dust in your home and eliminate them. Although they are a lot and you can’t deal with all of them, you can at least decrease them.

5 dusting tricks to ease your housework

Here are a couple of tricks that can help you get rid of the thick layers of dust and ease your housework:


Keep the bottoms of the wardrobes and the closets empty

As one of the ways that dust enters our homes is sticking to our clothes, the wardrobes and the closets in our home are usually pretty dusty. If you keep their bottoms empty, you will be able to wipe them regularly and maintain them clean.


Change the bed sheets once per week

The bed is one of the main sources of dust in your home because it accumulates fibres of the blankets and the sheets. In order to minimize the amount of dust in your bedroom, change the sheets once per week. Remove the used sheets slowly and you will prevent the spreading of dust in the air. What you also should do is beat the dust of the blankets and the pillows regularly.


Open the windows when you use the vacuum cleaner

Because of the air flow in its back part, the vacuum cleaner stirs the air and this is the reason for the dust that you see every time directly after hoovering the floor. Next time when you grab the vacuum open widely all windows in the room and a big amount of the dust will go out. Using the vacuum only once per week will also help you to decrease the amount of dust in your house.


Beat the dust out from the carpets regularly

The fibers of the carpets accumulate a lot of dirt and dust, which we spread everywhere in the house only by walking. At least once per month bring the carpets to the garden or on the balcony and beat the dust out of them. If they are too big you can use professional cleaning company like shiny carpets london a couple of times in the year or replace them with smaller carpets, which will also reduce the dust in your house.


Vacuum the upholstery

Every time we sit on the sofa it absorbs a lot of synthetic fibers from our clothes. That is why the upholstery is also one of the major sources of dust in every house. In order to keep it clean, you need to vacuum it once per week. Make sure you are using the right vacuum attachment for this purpose, otherwise, you may harm the fabric. The pillows of the sofa also deserve special attention. Bring them on the balcony and beat the dust out of them. A very easy way to keep your upholstery dust-free is to put a cover on it. You only need to put it in the washing from time to time and your furniture will always be dust-free.


Try these five tricks and you will decrease vastly the amount of dust in your home. They won’t take too much of your time and only help you maintain your home clean. If you do them regularly, they will not only ease your housework but also ensure the healthy atmosphere your family deserves to live in.


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10 Perfect tips for older skin

10 Perfect tips for older skin

As you get older, skin loses its natural elasticity.  Amount of vitamins drops and it becomes saggy, wrinkly and dry. Because of this, makeup process changes drastically. Unlike young women who have liberty to try out different things, older women use makeup in a purely functional way.

But, due to this fact, it also means that you have to be very careful. There is a list of dos’ and don’t when using makeup. In order to get you properly informed, I have made a list of 10 tips that should help you with your skin.  

  1. Try to put makeup without using powder. You can use concealer to cover bags under your eyes or some smaller imperfection but you shouldn’t overdo it. Powder tends to fall into pores and it puts focus on wrinkles instead of hiding them.
  2. If you still think that you need powder no matter what, choose lighter tones. Powder should be similar to your skin colour. In fact, it is even better if you buy a hydrating cream. Given that you have dry skin, it will provide the necessary hydration.
  3. Women who plucked their eyebrows when they were young should try eyebrow makeup in form of a powder instead of eyebrow pencil. If your eyebrows are rare, you should try using some more discrete solutions. Pencil will only highlight your eyebrows which are already very thin as it is. Colour can be applied with squared brush so that you can get a softer and more natural appearance of eyebrows. Do not forget to pluck strain hair!
  4. Avoid using eye shadow that has glitter. Instead of distracting a person, they will only highlight the wrinkles. It is best if you use eyeshadow which is not shiny. Matte shadow will not give good results when it comes to mature skin.
  5. Use a brush for your eyes and darker powdered eye shadow. Write a thin line as close to eyelashes as possible. The effect will be much lighter and it will lead to a better appearance. You will thank me when you take a look in the mirror.
  6. Brushes for blush can be too little and too thin. Because of this, you can easily make a mistake while putting makeup. Use a brush for powder as it is much wider. Do not stop with your cheeks but also apply blush on your chin, temple and forehead which will make your entire face look healthier.
  7. The perfect blush colour is the same colour your cheeks get when they become red. Apply thin layers of colour. This will make your skin look more natural and makeup will last longer.
  8. If your skin is naturally dry, instead of using blush in powder, make sure to use creamy type. After hydrating cream, apply colour on your cheekbone and rub it in while the skin is still moist.
  9. Like rest of your body, skin will lose their natural plump appearance. Their edges will lose their definition. Enhance the edges by using a lip pencil.
  10. Avoid lip pencils that are darker than your natural lipstick as it will make you look tacky. Choose nuances that are according to the colour of your lips. This tone will emphasise your lip contours and prevent lipstick smudges.

With these tips, you are on your way to restoring your youthful appearance. Always remember: make sure to hydrate your skin properly. Most of the problems come from dehydration and exaggeration. Make sure not to overdo it and use colours that are similar to your natural skin tone.

Short bio: Nick Stoyanov is a content writer and strategist for HollywoodMirrors.co.uk – UK based company, established in 2005, that produces and sells mirrors with bulbs that bring Hollywood glamour to your home.

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The Importance Of Home Removal Vans

On average, more than six million people move home every single year. There are a number of common reasons for deciding to move house that include better job opportunities, being closer to family or even needing more space because of a growing family. Moving home doesn’t come without a period of stressful organisation such as moving children into new schools and rerouting your existing post. Thankfully, the moving process doesn’t need to be too stressful when you hire an experienced man and van service in the London area.


The biggest difficulty when moving home is all the large pieces of furniture. Thing beds and wardrobes can be heavy to lift and difficult to negotiate through doorways and tight passages. Home removal vans are obviously big enough to store these items and transport them safely to the intended destination. Not only that, but removal men are naturally strong, due to the nature of their job, and through their experience, are used to carrying large items of furniture through tight spaces.

Geographical Knowledge

Anyone who drives for a living will naturally build up a strong geographical knowledge through spending so much time on the roads. They will also learn the best routes to take in order to get to various places. This is especially important due to large vehicles not being able to travel down various roads if there are low bridges. Hiring an removal service is an advantage as they will know the best route to take to get your belongings to your new home as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Fewer Trips

While it is possible to hire a removal van that you can drive yourself, the chances are that you won’t have the necessary experience or confidence to drive the largest of vans. This will likely result in the need for a number of trips, back and forth, in order to get everything from your old home to your new one. Hiring a man and van removal service will mean access to the biggest of removal vans, with the intention of getting as much as possible into the van, which will hopefully result in fewer trips between houses.


When hiring a van yourself, you may not know the best way to load the van and strapping everything down. This could result in your possessions sliding around in the back of the van during transit, and possibly ending up damaged. Professionals are more experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to loading the van, and making sure everything is secure, before setting off and ensuring that your possessions reach your new address in the best possible condition.

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