How Cloth Diapers Helped Me Plus Win $50 Gift Certificate

Win $50 Gift Certificate

When my son was born, I tried diapers of every type. That was a nightmare. He was allergic to every diaper available to me. I finally realized I was going to have to use cloth diapers on him and after that, life went according to plan. Before that though, I had a lot of diaper rashes to deal with. For all you who can relate to diaper rashes being a problem, I’m going to share a diaper rash tip that I was given, that worked better than any diaper rash ointment I tried. Ivory Dish Detergent. Say what? That’s right, in a matter of days it cleared up his rash and it was the last diaper rash he had. I don’t know how but the Ivory Dish Detergent acted as a witch hazel when I added a few drops to his bath water. I started using Ivory Soap on him as well and I think that helped keep his skin allergies under control.

Win $50 Gift Certificate

Cloth diapers were a challenge for me. I was a first time mom, young, and didn’t know how to begin to get started or what I’d need. I’ve never been one to let a challenge stop me though so I headed to Sears to buy diapers, liners, diaper pail, and diaper pins, oh my. I actually didn’t realize I’d need liners until I arrived at the store. Sears had everything I needed at the time but I didn’t have all of the options for cloth diapers that we have today. Using cloth diapers on my grandchildren is a lot more fun, I can tell you that. I had some white {boring} diapers and they were thin and I was constantly washing them. Now a days, there are cloth diapers of every style and as absorbent as disposable diapers. Cloth diapering has taken on a whole new meaning to me now that I have the choice to use them. I love that I’m not adding to our already full landfills to help make my grand kids future better for them as well as better for the environment.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on using cloth diapers or a tip that worked when your child had a diaper rash. Please leave a comment and add your name to my giveaway widget for a chance to win a $50 GC. You must live in the US to enter.

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Top 7 Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom and Stand Out

Top 7 Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom and Stand Out

Decorating a bathroom can be hard work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. From farmhouse chic to chic and stylish, there are plenty of themes that can add character to your bathroom, and there are even some tips that will make your small bathroom seem larger than it is. Some of the tips below can help you get started on designing this room so that it reflects your unique style and impresses your guests.

Top 7 Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom and Stand Out

Go Rustic
Designing your bathroom to have a rustic feel can make your bathroom stand out from the crowd. A simple claw-foot tub (which can often be acquired from vintage stores or even garage sales for a low cost) can add plenty of character to the bathroom and conserve space. By adding in little accents like a colorful stool or a vintage tray displaying country-scented toiletries, you can totally transform your bathroom overnight.

Get crazy with patterns
The bathroom doesn’t have to be boring! Whether you choose a loud wallpaper, bright, eye-opening colors or a bold pattern with which to style the walls, it is sure to add personality to your bathroom. You can get artsy with it too, and create your own designs. Try designing the walls with a unique style by using sponges to press airy designs on the walls.

Move around the furniture
Sometimes you don’t need to make very significant changes or replacements to add a new character to the bathroom. If you have lots of storage cabinets or containers or shelving, try rearranging it all. Not only can this mix up the look a little bit, but it can also make a small bathroom appear larger.

Go classic
You can’t go wrong with a classic bathroom that uses white subway tiles and a splash of marble or granite throughout. The white tile goes especially well with silver accents and fixtures, so be sure to take that into consideration when looking at where you want to store towels, toiletries and the like.

The simpler, the better
Just because you’re looking to redecorate your bathroom doesn’t mean you need to upend everything and start from scratch. Sometimes detractive design can be an appealing alternative to overdoing it. Ditch the oversized, ornate mirror for a simpler one with a basic frame. Install simple wire shelving on which to place your bath towels. Keep décor to a minimum and focus on clean vanity and counter tops to widen up the space a bit and create some visual breathing room.

Add some color
For whatever reason, white bathrooms tend to always be popular. Step away from the norm and take some risks when it comes to your bathroom! Even if you do decide to go mostly white with the design of your bathroom, a splash of color throughout the room can actually make it appear bigger than it really is. Add in a deep blue vase or a neon green piece of art to draw the eye to the center of the accent, causing the walls of the room to seemingly expand.

Do it Yourself
You don’t have to be a professional decorator or artist to add your own personality to the bathroom without breaking the bank. You can do many projects yourself to add extra flavor to the room. If you opt for the farmhouse look, repurpose mason jars into vases (you can paint them to fit any color scheme, too). Create your own focal point by framing a part of the wall and then adding 3-D wall decals within it.

Now that you have some great tips on how to redecorate your bathroom, you can decide what style you want to go with and get started right away. Many of the items mentioned above can be procured at your local dollar store, garage sales, estate sales or secondhand shops. You don’t have to spend a fortune to decorate a fantastic bathroom that employs top tier design elements. Creating a budget first can help guide you as you choose which styles and techniques you want to mimic. These tips will work no matter what the size or style of your current bathroom, and some of them can even help your small bathroom appear bigger than it really is.

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Weight Loss Surgery Discussed

How Is Weight Loss Surgery Performed?

When people become overweight or obese, they are generally told to eat less and move more. However, it is now quite clear that this is not realistic advice for someone who is morbidly obese, having a BMI (body mass index) of 40 or more. People like this have areas of fat that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise alone if they can exercise at all that is. Furthermore, they will develop a number of health conditions that make it even harder for them to work out and eat less. For them, weight loss surgery is often the only available option out there.

How Bariatric Surgery Is Performed

There are around eight different accepted types of weight loss surgery, with the gastric balloon being one of the most popular ones. Although different surgeons will have personal preferences in terms of which procedure they prefer, they can only perform all of them in one of three ways. Those are:

  1. Restrictive methods, whereby the size of the stomach is surgically reduced to limit food intake.
  2. Malabsorptive methods, whereby the small intestine is diverted so that the body isn’t able to absorb as many calories.
  3. Restrictive and malabsorptive methods, whereby the two options are being combined. A smaller stomach is first created, and this is then rerouted to the small intestine.

Open Surgery and Laparoscopic Surgery

Bariatric surgery used to always be performed as open surgery, with a single, large incision across the abdomen. This led to serious complications and pain in the patients, however, as well as a long recovery time. This is why more surgeons are now looking at laparoscopic procedures instead. When done laparoscopically, a total of five small incisions is made, through which the surgery is performed. The newest technique is the Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery, or SILS, technique, whereby a single incision is made in the belly button. This technique is still quite new, and not many surgeons are able to perform it yet.

Overall, however, any type of laparoscopic procedure is always better than open surgery. This is because patients have much less pain after their procedure and recover much quicker as well. This means that the goal of the procedure, to make people healthier and happier, is achieved much slower as well. In terms of recovery time, open surgery usually takes several weeks. With laparoscopic procedures, by contrast, people can often go home the very next day, instead of requiring several weeks in the hospital.

As the world of medical techniques develops, so do the skills and knowledge of doctors. This is because they are committed to their continuous professional education. As such, it is unlikely that a bariatric surgeon has not yet been trained on laparoscopic procedures and they are most likely in the process of receiving training in SILS. However, do make sure you look into this before you decide to go under the knife, regardless of whether that is through a single large incision, five small ones, or one in the belly button.

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