The Five Home Office Upgrades You’ve Probably Been Sleeping On

The Five Home Office Upgrades You've Probably Been Sleeping On

If you currently work from home, chances are that you’re missing out on a few essentials that have become cornerstones of productive solopreneurs.


Although not every remote worker is created equal, this list is prime for the following professionals:


  • Freelancers who’ve perhaps never worked from home long-term before
  • Growth hackers and marketers really looking to buckle down and start dominating their niche
  • Stay-at-home mompreneurs and parents looking to start up their side-gig


Now, we understand the need for a sleek home office; however, consider the following essentials beyond aesthetics that you may be overlooking if you truly want to supercharge your productivity.


Smarter Tech

“Smart” solutions are all-the-rage right now and likewise can potentially transform the way that you work from home. Voice-recognition smart speakers (like Amazon Echo) can help play tunes to keep you focused without having to deal with apps or a complicated speaker setup. Similarly, you can install a voice-activated thermostat using similar technology to keep you comfortable and working at the right temperature.


While some might see such investments as novelties, these subtle additions to your home office should serve to give you an extra layer of flexibility and comfort while you’re on the grind.


Digital Tools

Today’s remote workers need some serious digital tools on deck if they want to stay on task. Doing so is easier said than done if you’re on a tight budget; however, a combination of free solutions and smart updates will serve you well. For example:


  • You need a reliable computer, but that doesn’t mean that you need to splurge (think: focus on something that can do the bare minimum for the price point and has long battery life for days working away from home)
  • Marketing tools that help you keep track of your performance (Google Analytics, Neil Patel’s SEO analyzer tool, and Hootsuite, for example)
  • A desktop and dual-monitor display may be a wise investment if your job is writing or editing intensive (think: freelance writers and web developers)

The Five Home Office Upgrades You've Probably Been Sleeping On


Space Savers

Beat the spring cleaning craze and start decluttering your office now before it gets out of control. Ikea-style space saving solutions can help you make the most of your work environment if you find yourself in a tight space. From new shelves to décor that hides your clutter, such investments can be made on the cheap.


Classic Clocks

Surprisingly, old-school clocks are making a comeback in modern décor and can add a classic sense of flair to your workspace. Rather than constantly starting at the corner of your screen or checking your smartphone, a good, old-fashioned wall clock may give your space a sense of elegance and keep you on task.


Plants and Herbs

Finally, don’t let yourself sit in a literally lifeless space. There are tons of low maintenance office plants out there that can both give your office some color and keep it smelling wonderful. Whether you opt for a full-blown flower arrangement or some simple herbs, keep in mind whether or not your space has the appropriate lighting to keep your plants alive.

The Five Home Office Upgrades You've Probably Been Sleeping On

Working from home doesn’t mean that you have to be distracted or feel dismal in your space. Rather than letting your home office fall to the wayside, think about the small tweaks you can make to create a more productive environment.


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Avery EZD Heavy-Duty Reference View Binder & More

Most of you already know I’m on a quest to become organized this year. That’s going really well. This week I received the following Avery products from to review…



I was thrilled to receive these items because I can organize all of my recipes that I’ve printed out over the years and currently have stuck in all of my cookbooks.

I wanted to start organizing my recipes in my new Avery EZD Heavy-Duty Reference View Binderright away but if you visit my blog at Totally Terri then you know we are fighting the flu here among other illnesses. And they are winning. To start off with I love having the vinyl pockets on the front and back on the outside of the binder and it makes washing it off so easy too. I looked for these type binders when I was in college; the ones having a front and back insert on them. I could stick a page with the name of the subject it was for on the cover and the back so when I was between classes and grabbing things out of my car, it made it easy for me to see which notebook was for each class no matter which side the notebook was on. This heavy duty binder has 4 pocket insets inside which works well for what I want to use it for. The recipes I’ve cut out of newspapers and magazines won’t fit on the rings but they will fit nicely in the inserts. Having 4 of them will help me to stay even more organized because I can group the recipes by types. The main thing that I love about this binder is that it is the easiest one I’ve ever had to open. I’m talking about the ring. One touch open, one touch close. I wish I had a dozen of these back when I was in college. Another perk to this great binder is that it holds 50% more paper than a round ring, more paper equals less notebooks or binders. I’ve already checked out the spine super good to see if it will hold up and it seems pretty sturdy to me and it has two inside inserts as well. The rings are mounted on the back cover. My new recipe binder is PVC free (hurrah it’s less susceptible to cracking) and the chipboard is made out of 100% recycled content. It is also an official Box Tops Educational brand! Other pluses include smooth page turning and the dividers don’t stick out.

I can’t find one complaint about this binder. Not one. I love it and hopefully I will still be using it for years to come. One day someone will inherit it along with all of my yummy recipes. I’m going to stick a note in one of the 4 pockets inside with a link to this post so who ever ends up with it will know where it came from and how I became it’s proud new owner.
*FYI Avery also makes extra-wide binders

The next product I got to review is Avery Custom Binder Spine Inserts. These are nifty inserts. Seriously. You can put the entire sheet in your printer to design them however you want to. Each sheet allows for 5 spine inserts, there are 5 sheets per pack. 25 Spine Inserts at your fingertips. This is another product I wish I had had in college. Having the name of the subject on the spine would have helped save me even more time. One pack would have worked for all of my different notebooks each semester and would have been well worth the money. AND you can customize your inserts at using the templates there. It has the website on each sheet so you will have it handy when you want to customize them. It also tells you the product software number and the 1-800 number for Avery on each sheet. Handy dandy! I went to Avery to see how hard it would be to find and use the templates and the information was right there available for me. I’m going to make a insert with something along the lines of mimi’s recipes. I will have extras to use and I’ll keep them in the back in my protective vinyl cover. The binder spine inserts work in ALL Laser and Inkjet Printers. They are super easy to separate because they are perforated. These inserts are firm and sturdy.

I’ve tried to think of something I don’t like about these inserts but nothing comes to mind. They get a thumbs up from me. Way to go Avery.

The last thing I reviewed are Avery Note Tabs. Right off I’m impressed because these tabs are clear. See through. I can make little notes on the tabs and stick them anywhere. I’m going to be using them mainly for my recipes but these can be used in textbooks, notebooks, organizers and I could even use them to stick a message on my grocery lists if I wanted to. I do a lot of adjusting on my recipes by adding an ingredient or taking one away. It will be nice to have a note of that right on each recipe I adjust as well as a label so they will be easy to find. There are so many uses for these the possibilities are endless. The note area is nice and big at 3″x31/2″. The labels I bought in college were NOT made like these and I wish now they had of been. I had so many markings in my textbooks where I jotted notes down, or highlighted certain information. If I had these to use my textbooks would have looked a lot better by the end of each semester. I could have resold them for a lot more money than I resold them for that’s for sure. The NoteTabs are available in pretty colors. I’m a color coder myself. I invented a color system in college for each of my courses. It worked for me. The tabs are easy to see and use. They are also an official Box Tops Educational brand like the Avery binders! These work well with most pens, highlighters and pencils. They are thick, you can use the labels to turn the pages. If you put these over a textbook page or a written page the ink won’t lift off and damage the textbooks or your notes.

I love these. There is nothing I don’t like about them. Having them in different colors just adds the p to perfect.

WOW! I’m very pleased with all three of these products. When you can’t find anything wrong with something then someone somewhere is doing a super job. As soon as my fever breaks and I can sit up for any length of time, I’m going to get my rear in gear and start organizing my recipes. I’m thrilled that I was chosen to review these products by It’s always nice to receive items that are wonderful and work wonderfully. Please take the time to go visit each of the links leading to the items I reviewed, you will be glad you did. They offer many other office supplies not just these.

I received the above mentioned products to review from in exchange for an honest review. No monetary compensation was received.

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