Kiss the cook! Pour on the Johnny’s.


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Have you ever found yourself with last minute company and didn’t know what to cook? I was in a similar situation recently and I wanted to wow my guest. I looked through my cupboards and freezer and decided chicken would have to do. I didn’t have time to fry or invent so I wanted something I could bake. Then came the big decision of what type of seasoning to use on my baked chicken. Because my spice cupboard was overflowing (spice of life cooker) a bottle ofJohnny’s Seasoning Salt came tumbling out. Yeah! So I got busy with my chicken and used the seasoning salt on a couple of pieces. The package I took out had 4 pieces of chicken in it so I used that opportunity to add the wow factor with two of Johnny’s dressings. Dressing on chicken? Yup. With three types of seasoned chicken, I knew I was on my way of making a unique meal that would taste like I had spent hours in the kitchen.

Jamaica Mistake
Jamaica Me Sweet Hot & Crazy

Johnny’s Fine Foods has everything you could want or need to stock your pantry and spice cupboard.


Jamaica Me Sweet Hot & Crazy is perfect on chicken and wings. But that’s not all, pour it on your beef and meatballs for a unique and amazing combination.


Nice and thick and full of good things to make your meal even better.


Jamaica Mistake was an actual mistake that resulted in a zesty dressing. Some mistakes are just meant to be.


Also nice and thick and full of yummy ingredients.


Johnny’s Seasoning Salt can be used on anything you use salt on.


*sprinkle sprinkle*


Pop it in the oven and be prepared for a torturous wait.


With that out of the way and the chicken baking, I needed to decide what sides to have with it (my mouth is watering just thinking of the wonderful aroma of the chicken cooking). Part of that decision was a no brainer because I don’t know anyone who does not like rice. But!… I didn’t want just plain and boring rice, oh no, I wanted rice that would impress my guest. I had a package of Johnny’s Quinoa Rice Blend in my cupboard and that solved my rice issue. The organic whole grain brown rice with hearty vegetables was a hit. Healthy, hearty with chicken and vegetable flavors. It was the perfect choice.

Even though the rice has veggies in it, I through together a Caesar salad usingGreat Caesar! and I had a meal fit for a king. Or queen. You don’t have to ponder over what to cook for dinner tonight, I’ve solved that problem for you. Johnny’s Seasonings and Spices, of course. They really are the spice of life.

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Bread-machine Sunday Brunch French Toast

I love my bread-machine. I know I’ve said it a dozen times but I do. Every week I let Abby help me make a loaf of bread so that on the weekend I can make French Toast with it (and because it keeps her entertained while it’s rising and cooking). This week we made cinnamon raisin bread. I’ve been trying for years to perfect my cinnamon raisin bread and I think I’ve finally got it. I experiment a lot in the kitchen and I surf for recipes on a daily basis online. After all of the experimenting I’ve done with my cinnamon raisin bread, all it took was finding the right recipe (here). I think it’s the cloves & nutmeg that really make this cinnamon raisin bread recipe my favorite. I should have looked sooner for a recipe although I must confess to having fun with my experiments.

Sunday Brunch French Toast

French Toast is so delicious when you have fresh eggs and the right bread. When I’m at the farm I make a dash outside to the chicken coup to collect the eggs and when I’m in the big city (joke- smallest town in GA is more like it) I buy eggs the day before I make French Toast.

Sunday Brunch French Toast

Sunday Brunch French Toast

I always use eggs, milk and a dash of cinnamon to dip the bread into. I don’t measure I just pour and dash.

I whisk the egg mixture until it’s all mixed up without over whisking.

I add butter in my frying pan and when it’s melted I sprinkle flour on top of it to keep the French Toast from sticking.

I dip my bread in the egg mixture and cook on medium heat until it’s done on both sides.

Sunday Brunch French Toast

Sunday Brunch French Toast

That’s all. As long as you have homemade bread and fresh eggs you just can’t go wrong.

Sunday Brunch French Toast

Sunday Brunch French Toast

With the left over bread I’m going to make cinnamon raisin bread pudding to go with dinner tomorrow. I store my homemade bread in the fridge so it keeps longer. I don’t know how long it will keep in the fridge because ours is always eaten in less than a weeks time.

Do you have a favorite bread-machine recipe?

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