How Cloth Diapers Helped Me Plus Win $50 Gift Certificate

Win $50 Gift Certificate

When my son was born, I tried diapers of every type. That was a nightmare. He was allergic to every diaper available to me. I finally realized I was going to have to use cloth diapers on him and after that, life went according to plan. Before that though, I had a lot of diaper rashes to deal with. For all you who can relate to diaper rashes being a problem, I’m going to share a diaper rash tip that I was given, that worked better than any diaper rash ointment I tried. Ivory Dish Detergent. Say what? That’s right, in a matter of days it cleared up his rash and it was the last diaper rash he had. I don’t know how but the Ivory Dish Detergent acted as a witch hazel when I added a few drops to his bath water. I started using Ivory Soap on him as well and I think that helped keep his skin allergies under control.

Win $50 Gift Certificate

Cloth diapers were a challenge for me. I was a first time mom, young, and didn’t know how to begin to get started or what I’d need. I’ve never been one to let a challenge stop me though so I headed to Sears to buy diapers, liners, diaper pail, and diaper pins, oh my. I actually didn’t realize I’d need liners until I arrived at the store. Sears had everything I needed at the time but I didn’t have all of the options for cloth diapers that we have today. Using cloth diapers on my grandchildren is a lot more fun, I can tell you that. I had some white {boring} diapers and they were thin and I was constantly washing them. Now a days, there are cloth diapers of every style and as absorbent as disposable diapers. Cloth diapering has taken on a whole new meaning to me now that I have the choice to use them. I love that I’m not adding to our already full landfills to help make my grand kids future better for them as well as better for the environment.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on using cloth diapers or a tip that worked when your child had a diaper rash. Please leave a comment and add your name to my giveaway widget for a chance to win a $50 GC. You must live in the US to enter.

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  1. Ilove cloth diapers. My daughter never got a rash when I used them. And like Kathy stated I also used them for everything.

  2. Cloth diapers may not be as easy, but they really help the environment. Imagine what they used before disposable diapers came along. If it was good enough for our grandparents, it’s good for us.

  3. Awe he’s so adorable. I love the pics! Cloth diapers are definitely better for little babies. My family tried to talk me into using them with my son but I just couldn’t do it. My grandmother still has my baby diapers from when I was a baby. We actually just pulled them out from storage the other day because they are moving. Any ways, thanks for the giveaway! I’m checking it out now.

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